Khan was not just a Driver

by Yani (Bahrain)

In most of my trips to the gulf area and specially Dubai, I usually short travel I stay there between 3 to 5 days and I always rent car with the driver for the duration of the stay, last time I went to attend Air show and my was to spend 3 days, On my arrival there was handsome tall white skin Pakistani guy was there to pick up me, I was amazed by his beauty! He was my assigned driver’s ! after dropping me to the hotel i asked him to come up with me to the room to have some drinks and to discuss about my schedule then we have some normal casual talks during that I noticed his hand movements by touching my leg and putting his hand on my thigh something like trying to seduce me …..

I have never been anally penetrated nor i have penetrated anally any men out of country but honestly it was my desire to try it …. I was hesitated in the beginning but his attraction encourages me and erected my dick, i thought both we will have the chances to fuck and i didn’t know that i was going to be submissive and he will be the dominant …. I also touched his thigh and reached to his neck and started playing in his hair suddenly he opened his zipper and pulled his pants down and pulled his cock out! my first word was OH MY GOD SO BIG!

Really his dick was thick awesome & bigger than my dick! it was almost 8” & my dick is nearly 5”, then he holds my head and pushed down to his hard dick firstly it was quite awkward but within seconds i was enjoying thence and I liked it! he was pushing my head to deep throat’s me , we were still on that couch where we were sitting then he removed his shirt and i got on my knees sucking his cock while he was standing holding my head by both hands , he was telling me that he loved it so much and asked me to be naked completely and do 69 position i was sucking his dick and he sucked mine for a while then he was sucking my asshole and opening my butts i was moaning a bit when he was putting his tongue around my asshole and inserting his finger and out in I TOTALLY LOVED IT!

Then suddenly he turned around on my stomach and pulled my ass up and pushed pillow under my stomach then he spits in his hand and put his saliva on his dick and in my ass and slowly he inserted the head it hurt a lot and I asked him to put more saliva and push it slowly and within seconds he put full of his length in me and then stayed for sometime he did it to me for 4–5 times then i asked him to fuck me slowly because I was ready to cum! I was not expecting that i will an intense orgasm within 3–4 minutes on the couch without even touching my dick, then he asked me to go on the bed if I want more and be on my fours.

He was really perfect ass fucker I was enjoying the way he fuck and my mistake was when i whispered in between my moaning that “yeah baby put it deep in me it feels so good fuck me harder and deeper” and he started to fuck me like a bull and within 1 minute i came again so hard and within 5 minutes of tough fucking he said he wants to cum! i told him I like to see you cumming! please do it on my face , he pulled it out from my ass and asked me turn and be on my knees and covered my face by his creamy cum and really it was a warm facial! i licked some of his cum by my tongue from my face.

After that I went to the bathroom to take a shower, and after I got out of the bathroom he entered to wash , and I was thinking that he had enough of me and would go and leave me to rest a little and we will meet later to go conference, but after he came out from bathroom, I was laying down on the bed he surprised me by coming out of bathroom and he was covering only on the bottom part by towel and he asking me if it’s okay to stay there till afternoon? and of course I didn’t mind Immediately without any delay he jumped beside me on the bed and kissed me in the mouth and gave me his tongue and gradually he went down to my neck then nipples and my belly while he was holding my penis till it was erected in his hand and he started putting his tongue around the head and pressing by his lips and try’s to insert his tongue into the crevice of the penis, I was enjoying and loved the sucking method I was moaning telling his name (khan) please!!!

I was begging him to lick my ass and balls and he did it then he laid down on his back and asked me to ride on his dick i was happy because this time the control would be with me and I the one handle the IN and OUT of his dick, I took the body lotion bottle from my hand bag and put some in my ass and his dick , i preferred to try reverse cowboy style! i had ridden his dick as jockey and my dick was bouncing and up and down and he was holding my butt and pushing up and down than he was moaning saying i am ready to cum please don’t stop, go faster and deeper and i told him wait please don’t cum now , i need more fun !

He was able to control and was fucking for more 10 minutes of pleasure finally he came inside my ass I felt it and his dick was pumping my ass while dripping warm cum I felt so good, at the same time i came too my orgasm while getting fucked was much better than masturbating then kept kissing for sometimes and after that we took a nap together for more than two hours. This was the first time a Pakistani had sex with me and it was a beautiful memory and one of the best trips… It was the best three days I spent in Dubai…

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