Keeping The Deposit

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

It had been along night, they had finally given away any thoughts of decency and morality and surrendered to basic animal behavior their mutual craving had got the better of them and the bed was the only rendezvous to work out their raging lust.

Neither one was dominant, neither one was submissive, the act of lovemaking was slow and sensuous to start with, their kissing and stroking served to stir their long pent up emotions and latent desire for each other. For weeks the glances had been meaningful then the odd little tempting flashes of nudity or semi nakedness, glimpses of underwear under her dress or the throat tightening sight of his bulging briefs had both of them yearning to get each other alone and satisfy their lust.

It was wrong, hey both knew it, it was wanton betrayal of family values and self discipline, but it happened, there was no one to stop them, no one to tell them it was wrong, it happened because their madness for each other had driven away the normal rules and had in the end found the two of them holding each other on the upstairs landing and kissing each other gently at first, no words were spoken, there was no need to speak their body heat said all that was needed.

She melted against him loving his firm male form and the feel of his arms around her. He pushed her against the wall pressing himself against her softness, his leg pushing between hers, his hard lust evident against her thigh. She whimpered and clutched at his shoulders, her snaking tongue hot and wet in his mouth. He grabbed her arse cheeks, enjoying the feel of her resilient soft round globes so pliant in his hands.

She wilted and sagged in his arms almost swooning that it was happening at last. Suddenly the heat became white hot, their kissing became more fervent and demanding, the fingers clawing at zippers and buttons struggling to get each other out of their restricting clothing. Stumbling they managed to get into her bedroom where he virtually ripped her remaining underwear off then she knelt and pulled down his boxer shorts and allowed his swollen manhood to spring free, long, curved, thick and beating menacingly. He looked down at her, she looked up then at the jutting phallus, thick veined fleshy foreskin begging to draw back and unsheathe the bloated purple/pink mushroom head that would soon be burrowing into her body.

With a sob she leaned in and opening her lips, she engulfed the object of her desire taking most of it deep into her mouth, fondling his big hanging balls and sucking him enthusiastically, committed now to fulfilling part of what she needed most in the world, him and his body. He threw back his head, held hers, his fingers lost in her black hair, bracing himself as the sensations seared through him as she swirled her tongue around the sensitive rim of his cockhead which was seeping precum constantly and which she swallowed happily.

He dragged her to her feet and quickly led her over to the bed, she grabbed at his cock reluctant to let it go, He pushed her down where she lay spreadeagled, legs wide arms outstretched her eyes glinting with hot lust, her hips gently humping in mute appeal. He fell on her groaning, she cried out softly a hand seeking out his iron hard cock shaft, and finding it, swiftly guided it to the entrance of her splayed hot wet hole.

She gasp for breath as he sank fully into her body, the big thick shaft pushing along the hot velvety walls of her pussy, she wailed her relief at feeling him inside her at long last and together they humped and fucked like demented rabbits. It was almost brutally savage the way they went at each other, she threw her legs around him as though she might lose him while he reached under to grab her sumptuous arse cheeks, she bit into his shoulders in her passion weeping tears relief at her longed for relief in getting him inside her.

It was over it seemed before it had begun, he panted and groaned, lancing her furiously his cock pistoning like a steam hammer while she squealed and wailed, humping up at his powerful thrusts, and then, his orgasm truck and he was cumming explosively inside, his spunk streaming seemingly without end while she bowed her spine as if trying to get his body inside hers and squirting helplessly as her own climax convulsed her leaving her gasping and spasming against his body.

It was done, consummated, fulfilled, sated albeit for the time being. They lay calmly for a long time afterwards, just whispering about their feelings for each other, kissing stroking before becoming aroused again and the second time made love rather than just fucking. The night wore on and only in the small hours did they drop off to sleep only to awake to the buzzing of the alarm clock. She rolled out of bed, selected clean underwear from the dresser and quickly getting dressed and replying to his query about taking a shower, she smiled wickedly tell him she was satisfy to go to work with the residue of his love now seeping into her panties and radiating the unmistakable odor of happily just fucked Mother.

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