Keep Going

by Yani (Bahrain)

As usual, after dinner, we sat watching a soccer match, sipping red wine. We used to exchange kisses and foreplay, then he unbuttoned my shirt, and kissed and bit at my neck and chest, playfully. I undid the clasp of my pants, Allan reached in and pulled my dick out. I remember telling him I had to pee, and he led me to the bathroom. The lights caused us both to squint our eyes.

Allan watched me pee, while he rubbed my back with his warm, strong pants. I finished and turned to wash my hands. He stood in front of the toilet, while I washed. I turned and he was mumbling, with his eyes half closed. "Make me pee...I find no where...comfort..." I couldn't understand him, but his dick was hard, and protruding out of the leg of his boxers. I pulled them down, and he sprang out freely. His dick looked veiny and red. I held it in my hand, pointing it downward, toward the water.

"Okay habibi, go." He smiled, as I felt his dick rush with pee, and a steady, clear stream sprayed directly into the toilet. It was a unique feeling beneath my hand. A steady, almost humming feeling, while he relieved himself. I felt his dick softening a little, as the stream slowed, and finally just dribbled out. I shook it a couple times, and put it back in his boxers. He pulled his boxers down, and grabbed me, pulling me against him. His breath smelled like liquor, but his voice was raspy and sexy,
"Yani, I wanna make you happy!

I reached down and held his dick in my hand, feeling it harden within my grasp. I kissed him passionately, and pulled him toward bed. I slowly slid onto the silk and cotton duvet, slowly pulling my briefs off. Allan practically collapsed on top of me, with his lips at my neck. I held him, rubbing his back. I was about to turn out the light within reach, when Allan suddenly got a surge of energy, and put his arms behind my back, sliding himself upward, in between my legs. I could feel myself hard between our bodies, and his hard dick pressing up against my inner thighs. I moan softly,

"Allan, cum in me...I wanna feel it habibi."

He forcefully enters me, and I'm ready. He's going deep, and hard, and I feel him close, as his breathing speeds up, and his deep grunts are escaping. I starts to bite and suck on his neck, and it brings him over the edge.

"Ahhh fuuuuck honey. Fuckkkkk mmmmm, yeah habibi, yeah... I am cummin...Goddd."

I wrap my legs around his waist and hold his shaking body. I'm carressing his back, and playing with his hair, kissing his neck. He's moaning and whimpering in my ear. His biceps are flexing against my sides, and his fingers are carressing me from behind. I clench my ass muscles around him, lightly massaging his dick from inside. His back is hunching, as he props up on his elbows. He's slowly kissing my lips with little pecks, and looking into my eyes. His pupils are large, but the beautiful hazel is practically glowing in the lamp night.

"I love you yani, you're my love."

"I love you Allan."

He kisses me passionately, and lays back down on top of me. I loosen my legs from around his waist, and adjust my body underneath his. He moves a little, and I feel his dick make little jumps inside me, against my prostate.

"Oh God Allan, keep doing that."

He smiles down at me, and make his dick jump again,

"You like that boo?"

"I love it habibi, make me cum like this."

We roll over and I position myself on top of him. He's making his dick throb and jump against my prostate, and I'm starting to ride him, by grinding forward and back, my ass is massaging his dick inside, and rubbing against his balls when I slide back. His hands are at my hips, rocking with me. I'm moaning, feeling my orgasm slowly build.

"Uhhnnn, yeah, oooooh habibi, I wanna cum."

He smirks, and starts to thrust his hips a little. I'm arching my back, and leaning back, with my dick pointing straight out. I feel Allan's strong hand around my shaft, and he starts pumping me while I ride his dick. I can't handle it anymore, and I let myself blow. It shoots all over his chest and face,

"Fuck Yani! That's my love, enjoy the ride yani, make it rain."

I'm shaking, and I can barely handle the height of this orgasm. I feel it from head to toe, and I just want to keep cumming. Allan let's go of my dick, and it throbs up and down, with little cum drops flopping everywhere, as the last of my orgasm fades. I collapse on top of his cum covered chest, breathing heavy, and holding onto him.

I move my head up after a little while, and he's got cum all over his cheek. And chin. He's licking his lips clean, and wiping at his face slowly. I laugh, and kiss his lips.

"I'll get a rag."

"No, stay here Yani, stay with me."

We're both covered in cum, and he's playfully wiping his wet hand on my face. I get up to move, and he let's out a gasp,

"yani don't move"

I slowly relax, and he bites his lower lip. In a breathless and choppy voice, he says

"I, feel like...I could blow. Oh my...God yani... This feels so I'm edging....Fuck...stay there."

I stay still, and watch his eyes roll back, and his mouth is wide open. He's clenching his fists, and I feel his legs start shaking,

"Oh MY GODDD...FUCK...I'm gonna...."

I feel his body tense, and he gets the familiar furrow in his brows. His dick starts spasming and jumping around inside me.

"Fuck yeah, Godddd, yani..."

He's holding my hips, and thrusting inside me, his face is glowing, and he's almost giggling. After a few thrusts he loosens his grip on my hips, and I feel his body relax beneath me.

I lay down on top of him, and feel his warmness against me. His hands are carressing my back, and his breath is warm against my neck. We fall asleep in each others' arms.

next day morning I wake up, with Allan running his hand up and down my spine.

"Hey beautiful eyes, sleep well?"

I sigh out a "Yesss honey."
He grinds against me, and I feel his hard dick pressing against my groin. I giggle and kiss him. His stubble tickles my chin, and I play with his tousled bed hair. The dried cum spots are contrasted against our bodies in the sunlight coming through the windows. I hoist myself up, by his torso, and stretch my arms, arching my back. I feel his hand rub around my stomach.

"I wanna put more in there."

I purrr "Allan, you bad man." He slaps an ass cheek, and I squat up on my knees, feeling some wetness escaping out of my ass. God, he already has two loads in there...

"You're dripping on me habibi, I think that means yes."

He grabs my waist and pulls my wet ass against his hard dick. I instantly feel aroused and start to glide up and down the underside of his shaft. He moans, and pulls me close, kissing my lips. He reaches down, and pushes his dick against my hole. I open immediately for him, feeling his cum spread out, dripping down my right thigh. He slides in and I close around him,

"Mmmm, I feel good in there, don't I habibi?"

"You feel so good inside Allan, mmmm, I want you deep inside."

He turns me on my back, lifting my legs up, and pushing all the way in. I feel him twitching inside, sliding around his own cum inside me.

He starts thrusting inside, and pulling out, pressing his pubes against my smooth balls. It tickles a little. I love watching him sliding in and out of me. His dark pubes are such a turn on, the way they brush against my smooth skin. We fuck like this for a few minutes, and then he turns me on my stomach, and pushes into me from behind. I'm pressing against the leather side pillow, and it makes my nipples hard. Allan's hands a round my chest and sides, and almost as soon as my nipples hardened, he softened them with his touch. He's going deep, and breathing hard against my back, rubbing his stubbley face against my shoulderblades, and spine.

"Oh Goddd, fuck me Allan, go deep inside me habibi."

Allan is sweating and grunting. I can feel his dick penetrate me deep. He's ramming against my prostate again and again. I feel like I'm on the edge of cumming, and it doesn't push me over. I can hardly stand it. I pull my legs up, and stick my ass out, while he fucks me deep. I finally feel the familiar rush of my orgasm, and I cum in the sheets beneath our bodies.

"Oh Godddd, yesssss! Yes, yes, honey, fuck me. Do it good habibi."

"Fuck I'm gonna blow honey.."

I feel him collapsed on my back, pubes soft against my ass, as his dick throbs and pulses inside me. His body is calm against me, but the throbbing is strong inside me. I feel wetness being pushed out of me, and down my ass cheeks. Allan stirs, and his dick is still throbbing in me.

"Damn I filled you up good habibi."

He's running his hands over my ass cheeks, and rubbing the dip in my back, just above my ass crack. He's slowly rocking in and out of me, and I hear the slurping noise of his cum against me.

"Ew, stop doing that!"

He giggles, and slaps my ass,

"I like hearing it."

He spreads my cheeks and pulls his dick out, rubbing it in between my cheeks.

"Mmmm, I could fuck you forever."

"Then do it."

He turns me over again, and straddles my chest, pushing his cum covered dick against my lips. I squeal and push it away.

"No, not until you clean it off!"

He laughs and slides off my body. He pulls at my arm, and I follow him to the bathroom, cum dripping out of me, and down the back of my legs.

We shower off, and I squat on the toilet, to release most of him out of me. We did it again, twice in bed.

I'm amazed by this man, day by day I love him more.

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