by Rocky (Florida)

Many years ago my friends and I went to this bar at the shore and were talking to a group of girls.I feel a hand tap me on the shoulder and when I turned around this gorgeous woman is standing there and she notices my tattoos on my chest and says is that my name on there and she walks away. I’ve had my share of sex partners but when she walked away, I noticed she had shorts on and what a great ass she had. My friends said to me Rocky don’t let that one get away.

I paid no attention and was busy talking to other women. The night was over and we were leaving the bar with a bunch of women, when I noticed this hot woman that was in the bar sitting in her Jeep with her roof down. I walked past not showing that I noticed her and she says hi remember me. I look at her and say sure but your name isn’t on my chest.

She tells me get in, which I do and she heads toward the beach. She introduces herself as Karen and I tell her I’m Rocky nice to meet you. We get to the beach and get out of her Jeep and start to walk on the beach. We sit down and start to talk and there’s an ocean breeze that’s a little chilly. She puts my arms around her and I ask her is it better and she answers sure is.

The sun is coming up and we’re sitting there watching the sun rise and we look at each other and say I have to go to work. She takes me to my car at the bar, I get out her Jeep and say it was nice to meet you. She tells me your forgetting something as she hands me her phone number and says make sure you call me and gives me a kiss I’ve never had one like this in my life.

I get home shower and get to work, but Karen was on my mind all day. I get home exhausted from no sleep and call her. She picks up I say hello it’s Rocky and she says I’m glad you called. I can’t believe a woman this hot doesn’t have a boyfriend or isn’t married. We talk for about an hour and I tell her I really need to get some sleep. We say good night and it’s funny she asked for my phone number before we hang up. I told her what I do for a living and I have an older cousin, Dominick who works with me.

I don’t know how she found my work number but Domenick says there’s a woman on the phone. He hands me the phone and it’s Karen. She asks what are you doing tonight, I tell her nothing and she says I could really go for some ice cream on the boardwalk. We set a time I go home shower and start to drive. I get to Karen’s house and she’s on the porch waiting for me.

I get out open the door for her and we drive to the boardwalk. We have our ice cream and it was worth the drive and she says let’s go back to my house. We drive to her house get the car and go inside. Karen puts on some music and starts to dance for me. I grab her and she grabs the zipper on my pants. I’m taking off her blouse and she’s got a great pair of tits. I take off her bra and start to suck her tits.

She now has my cock in her hand and I have to admit, I have one big hard on. She kisses me and says not only are you good looking you’ve got such a big cock and she takes it in her mouth and she starts to suck it. Karen sucked a great a cock but I wanted to fuck her. I take off her short and lay her on her floor and she says let’s go to my bed. She lays on her bed spreads her legs and I begin to suck and lick her pussy.

She’s moaning and whispering in my ear that’s right Rocky suck my pussy. I love a woman who talks dirty when we’re having sex so I start to nibble on her clit. She grabs my hair and I’m between her legs and she grabs my cock and guides it to her waiting pussy. I push the head in and she screams fuck me Rocky and I slam the rest inside her. She tells me she loves my cock as I’m now pounding her pussy.

When she cums it was so intense for her she would buck her hips so I had to stop. We’re laying there and she starts to suck my cock again getting me hard which didn’t take long. She gets on top of me guides my cock into her pussy and begins to ride it like no woman ever has. I can control when I cum as I learned this from many years of fucking women, as she cums again and jumps off my cock. She’s also a squirter as I feel all her juices all over my legs and cock.

Karen gets on all fours and says Rocky fuck me doggy and I slam my cock inside her. We’re fucking like this for a while when I feel some more juice and I know she’s about to cum and so am I. I shoot a big load of cum inside her as she cums again pulling my cock out of her. She puts my cock in her mouth and sucks me dry.

We’re laying there, her in my arms and we fall fast asleep. I have to drive home in the morning so I get up early and kiss her goodbye. She looked like an angel when she was sleeping. I go to work and Karen is the only thing on my mind. I get home and there’s a message on my phone and she asks me would I like to join her, her sister and her brother in law on a trip to Ocean City, Maryland.

I say sure and it was for an extended holiday weekend so I pull up to Karen’s house and they’re waiting on her Jeep. I throw my bag in the bag and I guess I’m driving and off we go. We get there and the place is packed with people. What Karen didn’t tell me was that her sister was cheap. All The hotels were booked except one but her sister said it was too expensive.

We drove up and down the strip and Karen could tell I was getting aggravated so finally we found a place we agreed on. We go into our room and Karen says please go get me something to drink. I leave the room and when I come back she’s laying with her legs spread wide open in the bed. She says I want to make it up to you for today.

I can’t get my clothes off fast enough and fuck the foreplay I put my big cock inside her. We had a blast there partying and fucking. We get home to Karen’s house and her neighbors are outside. She has a small porch with a lounge chair put no curtains so people could see us. She takes off her clothes grabs my cock and starts to suck it. I was already hard and again no foreplay as I put it inside her. Karen would moan but not a vocal type of person when she was getting fucked.

She was screaming fuck me Rocky and her neighbors could see her legs in the air and my ass pounding her. They stand there and stop talking just to watch us. I don’t care Karen had good pussy and I wanted it. Karen grabs my hand and say duck me on the picnic table in my backyard. She grabs a towel to lay on and now we’re fucking on the table. The neighbors went inside but there’s an old man looking out his window at us.

I tell Karen we have someone watching and she says he’s blind he can’t see. I fucking her as hard and as fast as I can and agin she stops me as she cums. I’m waiting for her to grab my cock and put it inside her which she does but now her old neighbor is jerking off watching us. I tell her to look sure he’s blind. I cum deep inside her and as she gets up she looks at her neighbor and squeezes her big tits and we see him cumming like crazy.

There were so many great fuck sessions with this woman. We fucked on my boat in front of a whole party boat filled with people. At my condo on the stairs as people walked by. I never fucked her in her gorgeous ass and when I finally did all our fuck sessions ended with anal. I thought I was falling in love with this woman, but then my wife came along and she was just as crazy when it came to fucking and my big dick, it was over with Karen because I enjoyed fucking one woman at a time and this was the one.

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