Just That Gay Thing

by Dan (NY)

Suddenly Ken was ejaculating in his mouth.

At first Brad could not taste anything, but only feel the surges of thick liquid on his tongue and then filling his mouth with its abundance.

Then he could taste the male flavor. He hadn’t been sure what to expect.

It was not bad, like salty mayonnaise. The liquid surged from Ken’s cock again and again.

“Oh, yeah … yeah …” Ken breathed, giving Brad every drop of his manly cum, his hands holding the back of Brad’s head as if to ensure that he completed himself in the younger male’s mouth.

Not that Brad was about to pull away, but instead he wanted to experience every second of this, feeling the excitement of giving Ken a blow job making his own boner painful huge and rigid.

“Ooo …” Ken groaned as he pulled his dick from Brad’s mouth and took a hold of his dick and proceeded to smear the last drops of oozing semen over his lips.

Brad swallowed and then swallowed again to get all of Ken’s excess down.

“It felt so good having my cock in your mouth,” Ken praised.

“I loved it,” said Brad, never thinking that he would ever say such a thing.

“Here,” ken said, helping Bard to his feet and observing his enormous boner. “Jack that off on my dick.”

Brad took a hold of his erection and began stroking it.

Only seconds were required before he ejaculated, sending his spermy streams of semen onto Ken’s no longer erect, but still thick male organ.

Some it went across the pubis hair and spread out like white spider webs, while the rest leaked down Ken’s male length in globs.

“That’s it!” Ken said, happily watching the youner male’s release inundate his own sex.

“Yeha! Yeah! That’s it!”

Brad groaned as he felt the satisfying pleasure of his masculine release concluding.

“Oh, man … that felt so good!” Brad said, breathing hard.

He felt just a lightly dazed and certainly astonished.

He had just gone over to his neighbor in the same apartment building to see if he could borrow some coffee that morning.

He had been surprised when his neighbor, an older man, in his fifties, had answered the door naked.

Ken had only smiled in an amused fashion over his being so caviler and had invited Brad in.

Brad had found it all quite amusingly uninhibited, and, well … the rest as they said was history.

He had found himself being introduced to the pleasures of male sex and had given his first blow job.

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