Just Saying Hi

by Brandy (MS)

“I can’t believe that I’m doing this with my son,” Barb said.

They were both naked, sitting on the floor in the living room facing each other. Her legs were apart and his penis was pushed into her vagina opening.

“I know,” he admitted, feeling really just as surprised.

He had stopped by to see his mother that morning. She had been out back gardening. The weather was warm and she had been attired in shorts and a band top, which attractively cupped her bare breasts beneath, making her smile when saw him taking notice of this. Not that she minded, even if he did look just a little modest to be seen noticing.

They went inside the into the kitchen to have a glass of ice tea.

“Did you like that?’ she teased, referring to her top.

“Yeah. It looks sexy,” he complimented. He rolled his eyes. “I know that boys aren’t supposed to think that their moms are sexy.”

“Well,” she said innocently, “moms don’t mind. I certainly don’t. It’s nice to be noticed.”

Eric grinned as he quite deliberately looked at his mom’s breasts again in an admiring fashion. This time he could see the points of her nipples clearly pushing out against the knit material.

“Oh! A little revealing,” she remarked, realizing. She grinned. “Maybe I should just take it down so you can have a better look.”

Playfully, she did just that. She pulled the elastic top down to bare her breasts.

“Nice!” he complimented. Seeing that his mom was obviously in a very uninhibited mood, he reached a hand up to feel the soft pliant, rounded shape of her breast.

“Mmm … if you keep this up, you’re going to have me out of all my clothes.”

“That could be nice, too,” he coaxed teasingly.

“Are you going to be naked, too?” she asked. “I don’t want to be the only one.”

Eric grinned some more.

Their clothes came off and within a minute they were sitting on the carpeted living room floor actually having sex.

“You know …” she breathed, “you’ll probably think this is an awful thing for your mother to say, but this feels really good doing this with my son.”

“It feels really good t be doing it with my mom,” Eric said back.

In the position that they were in, he could only gently move his penis in and out of her vagina. Without withdrawing, he got her to lay back so that he was on top of her. Masterfully he began to fuck her more energetically. She loved this and moaned with his thrusting efforts.

“Oh, yes … yes …” she gasped.

Suddenly she was climaxing and struggled with the intensity of her orgasm.

Eric continued to forcefully give his mom his stiff erection. Just as she was finishing. he started ejaculating his sperm deep inside of her. It was so incredible getting to do that with his own mom.

When it was over, they both let out a near-exhausted sigh.

Sitting now apart but blithely still naked, his mom asked, “What did you stop by for?”

“Oh. Just to say hi.”

She grinned mischievously. “Well, I’m glad that you did stop by to say hi … and more.”

“Me, too.” Eric said, grinning back.

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