Just say it Before it’s too Late

by Yani (Bahrain)

This happened five years ago with my colleague. As we drove to my house, I was trying to ignore what I wanted from him and finally said, " Can I suck your cock again? " There I said it and at first there was an awkward silence from my best friend, Jassim.

Finally, he muttered the words I was waiting for, " sure buddy you can suck my cock whenever you want." He added, " I knew you would come to your senses about ignoring what happened between us and wanting to pretend that you aren't attracted to me. When you sucked my cock the last time, I knew I wanted more blow jobs from you."

"Especially when just before I came, I had warned you I was getting close, expecting you to stop and remove your mouth but you continued to suck my cock with a fervour that told me you wanted my cum." " When I shot my load of cum, I felt your throat muscles massaging the shaft of my cock and swallowing every spurt of my cum " " And then looking down and realizing you had shot your load also, telling me you had really liked what you were doing." " Remember I told you to stand up and I brought your spent cock still covered in your cum to my mouth so I could taste your cum, telling you I wanted it also."

After hearing all this from Jassim, my cock had started to harden and I reached over to discover your huge cock was rock hard also.

Then he said "What are you going to tell your flat mate."

I said," I'll tell him what I said the last time that I was lost in the moment and it just happened." I told him when we get to the house, I'll keep my mate busy downstairs while you go upstairs and wait for me. "

I told my mate to make us some coffee and that I will be calling an Uber for Jassim. As I went upstairs , knowing time was of the essence, I started to shed my clothes. When I reached my bedroom, Jassim was positioned on the edge of the bed ready for me. I quickly got on my knees admiring the huge 8-inch cock before me, the cock I was going to suck off a second time. Jassim peeled down his thick dick, exposing his huge head. As I took his cock into my mouth he said, " I hope your thirsty because I have a huge load of cum in my balls." I started to suck his ebony shaft with all my talent, massaging his huge balls that hung below his cock.

He started to fuck my mouth thrusting his hips forward as my mouth went back and forth on his shaft. All at once he said, " Here it comes." as I jacked my cock hoping to come at the same time, but his cum had started to fill my mouth which I eagerly swallowed. Jassim wasn't joking, his load was huge. I kept the last spurt of cum in my mouth, saving it for my mate downstairs.

As I stood still beating my cock, I told Jassim I was close then he got on his knees below me and waited for my cum. I told him " I'm cumming." I felt his mouth engulf my cock as I shot my load, shot after shot of my cum entered his mouth to be swallowed.

After it was over, I left the room and went downstairs with his thick cum still in my mouth. I went quickly to my mate and opened my mouth showing what I had for him and as we kissed, I shared my colleague hot cum with him. I went back upstairs to find Jassim had already dressed and was taking a leak in the bathroom. As he came out of the bathroom, we kissed sharing the remnants of both our loads. And then we went downstairs and waited for his Uber.

After Jassim left, my mate looked confused knowing that I had decided not to cross the line with Jassim anymore.

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