Just Friends

by Anonymous

Naked, Jeremy was on his knees, leaning forward on the futon, as the repeated smooth insertions of Greg’s erection into his butt was making his own erection unbelievably rigid. Almost to the point where his organ ached.

“Uh … this feels so good,” Greg breathed, his hands on the smooth bare curve of Jeremy’s hips, as he continued to move his own hips in a gentle back and forth rhythm to keep his penis sliding in and out of Jeremy’s accommodating anal sheath.

“I know…” Jeremy breathed back, savoring each and every insertion.

It was funny, because the two of them had not planned to fuck. Neither of them was even gay. They were just friends and they had messed around together a few times just for fun as friends often did. But it was summer and they were both feeling in an uninhibited mood that morning. So they had gotten naked, with both of them quickly and happily achieving an erection, finding that pleasing to accomplish with one another.

Then, although they never had before, they started kissing. Obvious in a more romantic mood they found this to be a terrific way to express feelings of friendship. Their mouths had wetly plied together as their hands fondled and caressed each other’s boner, savoring the maleness of doing that.

“Do you want to stick your dick in my butt?” Jeremy had asked. The question had been unexpected, but he had asked it in a perfectly straightforward manner.

Greg had been surprised.

“I just want to see what it’s like to be fucked,” Jeremy confessed.

“Okay,” Greg acquiesced.

The last time that they had messed around, they had worked up the nerve to try sucking on each other’s dick. Not to the point of actually giving each other a blow job, but being quite libertine in sucking and licking each other’s stiff male organ and doing so with excited pleasure. Jeremy had found himself greatly encouraged over how sexual they had been and had begun to wonder what it would be like to have Greg taking his boner all the way in his butt. So that morning Jeremy had made up his mind to find out. His curiosity was greater than his worrying if Greg might think that he was a fag. Not that Greg had. He didn’t think that Jeremy was a fag or a queer, but knew that he was attractively and appealingly quite all male.

Although unplanned and not having a condom handy, they had found a suitable lubrication which Greg had slicked his boner with. Then, getting up behind his friend, Greg had gently eased his hard penis into Jeremy’s butt. His organ had slid inward with surprising ease, its male-shape filling Jeremy’s anal sheath. Jeremy had moaned with the pleasure of his insertion. Then, slowly and again gently, Greg had started to fuck in and out.

“Oh, man …” Jeremy breathed again. “I can’t believe that you have your dick in my butt!”

“I can’t believe it, either,” Greg confessed, looking down and seeing his penis sliding effortlessly back and forth through Jeremy’s tight anal opening that was stretching around his shaft. His hairy balls, dangling with the summer heat, were bumping up against Jeremy’s with a testicular intimacy that only two boys could share.

In a moment more Jeremy suddenly gasped as the exciting stimulation caused him to unexpectedly start ejaculating. The semen shot from his rigid, now purple-headed organ in repeated pulses.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Jeremy chocked over the intensity of his sudden and uncontrolled release. His male-liquid splashing over the smooth black finish of the futon in thick streams.

Greg felt Jeremy’s butt hole tighten and clamp down on his submerged boner, only exciting him further. In the next moment he was ejaculating, doing so deep inside of his friend’s anal sheath. He grunted as he savored the unbelievably pleasure of impregnating him with his sperm as another guy.

“Oh, yeah … yeah …” Greg moaned with each pleasurable surge of his male-liquid, as it pumped up his erect length to exit through the single hole that was stretched wide with the immense swelling of the mushroom tip.

In one glorious moment it was over for both of them. They could now only catch their breath and recover from the experience. Nearly a full minute passed and Greg felt his penis softening and he withdrew his organ, its length showing some streaks of brown, which was only to be expected, considering how unplanned their having intercourse had been. Not that he minded. He would shower and wash it off. He thought that it was funny because he had literally fucked the shit out of his friend, and of course that’s what guys did and how it worked.

Jeremy’s face suddenly showed some surprise. “Oh, shit! I’ve got to go!” he exclaimed. He scrambled to his feet and ran for the bathroom.

It was several minutes later when he reappeared. Greg was smoking a cigarette. He looked t his friend in a questioning way.

“It was like having a sperm enema,” Jeremy said. “Man, you shot a load into me. I had to poop it all out!”

They both laughed. They had just fucked and it was all so much fun and exciting.

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