Just Friends - Not Gay

by Anonymous

Aaron knew, of course, that if anybody ever found out that he and Jason were doing this together, that they would be labeled as being Gay.

In truth, they were just two friends who liked each other a lot, and sex was such a great way to express their friendship. It was fun and exciting and meaningful. It was so unfortunate that it had to be that way for boys who really felt no desire to be gay as in being attracted to boys rather than to girls.

So otherwise perfectly healthy heterosexual boys had to hide the fact that they liked being homosexually expressive of feelings of friendship, like they did.

Aaron turned his head and kissed Jason on the lips, warmly and wetly, as he felt Jason’s stiff penis pushed fully and satisfyingly into his anal depths, making his own penis rigid.

“Oh, man …” Aaron breathed.

“I know … this feels so good,” Jason said, moving his hips to keep his slick, lubricated erection moving back and forth through his friend’s tight butt hole.

It was so great when the two of them got the chance to fuck together, and to enjoy being physical intimate. It was so satisfyingly male and such a terrific thing for friends to experience with one another. Sure, they both knew that they were lots of guys who enjoyed having this kind of friendship. That there were probably more guys doing this together just as friends, than there were guys who were actually Gay. But that was how it was seen and that was so unfair.

Holding his hands on Aaron’s hips, Jason savored his sexual presence deep in Aaron’s anal depths, just as Aaron savored feeling his presence. They took turns fucking each other and that was so great. Usually it was that way for friends, taking turns, sharing equally, with no role playing or settling into anything like that.

“Ohhhh …” Jason moaned. “I’m going to come …”

In the next moment Jason was ejaculating, feeling his semen surging from his hard penis in repeated intense pulses that practically took his breath away. It was so incredible getting to impregnate his best friend with his sperm, making them as close as any two friends and boys could be.

Aaron gasped too, with the excitement of Jason doing that in him making his ejaculate. His creamy liquid squirted out in long, uncontrolled streams, gong several feet into the air.

‘Ahhhh!’ Aaron gasped as his rigid penis unloaded again and again.

They were both left drawing in breaths to recover from their pleasurable ordeal, and to enjoy the satisfaction of their having just fucked again in friendship. Nothing could be more wonderful.

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