Just Enjoy

by Sara horny mom (MO)

"Shhhh." I smiled softly with fire in my hazel eyes putting my finger to his lips as I adjusted myself as I straddled Logan.

"Just enjoy." I grinned lewdly as I reached between us fishing his hard prick from his shorts.

"Mmmmmmm." I moaned lustfully looking at Logan deep in his sexy brown eyes.

Leaning up I guided his hard prick to my aching mature pussy.

"Yessssss!" I hissed with need as his large dickhead a lid past my pussy lips and into me.

Leaning in I kissed him slow and erotically as I slowly worked my pussy back and forth and around and around in circles as he slowly sexy cock slowly slid inside me.

I was in no hurry.

I was taking my time and enjoying every inch of his magnificent prick as it entered me.

Slowly and gently I worked my horny slit up and down Logan's veiny prick enjoying the feeling of it as it forced my lips wide.

"Fuckkkkkk!" I moaned as I slowly worked my pussy back and forth as a little mini orgasm blasted through my mature body.

"Just like that." I breathed looking at Logan in the eye.

With his arms on the back of the couch, Logan smiled at me as I enjoyed his hard prick.

This was for me.
This was my fuck.
I wanted Logan.
I wanted to enjoy every inch of him.
I wanted to feel him inside me and give him every last piece of my being.

Grabbing Logan by his biceps I leaned in and kissed him as my bald pussy contracted around his granite rod.

Holding him in place I kissed my way to his nipples.

I was horny.
I needed him.
I needed every inch of him.

Leaning back, I put my hands on his shoulders for bracing and worked my greedy slit up and down his gooey cock till I reached another little orgasm.

"Jesusssss!" I moaned in lust and relief.

Adjusting a bit.

I worked my pussy around on Logan's hard cock a bit faster for my pleasure.

"Right there!" I hissed in need as his large dick head hit the spot banging into me like a wrecking ball.

"Godddd!" I growled softly as my juices flowed freely for me uncontrollably in pleasure.

I didn't have to worry about Logan blasting into me and ruining my pleasure.

Today he would till I asked for it.

I would be begging in a needful panic when he finally gave me his send.

Logan smiled as in enjoyed the pleasures of his manhood pulling the woman from me.

After I don't know how many little orgasms I slipped off his glorious rod and stood up.

I started to just turn around.

But, his rigid cum covered prick was to much to resist as it pointed up at me.

Bending at the waist.
I placed a hand on each of Logan's strong thighs and swooped him up with my tongue.

Deeply I sucked him.
From tip to base forcing his length into my throat as I gripped his thighs tight.

Once I could no longer taste myself in his luscious prick.
I stood back up.
Turned around and squatted down till his prick was ramming my smooth pussy lips.

Gently working my needy twat back and forth I eased my dripping slit down on my lover's prick.

"Fuckkkkkk!" I moaned as he slid inside me forcing me open.

Leaning back I braced myself and fucked Logan's prick to my pleasure.

Reaching around me Logan slid a hand down my belly to my clit.

As I fucked his cock Logan slowly and methodically destroyed my little clit with his finger as he held me with his other hand and kissed my neck.

"God yesssss!" I hissed as my nasty slit quivered and contracted around his cock. "Make me cummmm!" I whimpered I need as my honey flowed.

Give up some control I picked my feet up and spread my legs as I reached back and grabbed Logan.

Taking the cue.
Logan reached and took hold of my broad 42" ass and fucked into my over-heated slit.

"That's it!" I moaned.
"Fuck me! Please don't stop fucking!" I cried in lust as my pussy contracted hard squeezing his prick so right he could barely move inside me.

But, this was not the way I wanted him to cum.

I wanted to look him in the eye.

I wanted to know when he was going to fill me up.

I wanted to blast his naughty cock with pussy juice as he filled me full of his yummy seed.

After my orgasm passed I rolled off Logan and hurriedly scrambled around and mounted him.

"Fuckkkkk!" I moaned as I slammed my pussy down the entire length of his sexy hard pole.

"Screw me!" I whimpered looking Logan in the eye. "Screw me good!" I told him looking at him with need as he grabbed my hips and started pumping into me.

"That's it!" I moaned with lust-filled eyes looking into his soul.

Pulling my ass cheeks apart.
Logan pushed into me deeper and deeper as my pussy coated his cock with its honey.

Holding Logan's shoulders I begged him as he pumped his large cock into me and sweat ran down my body.

"Fuckkkk!" I growled.

Then I felt his cock start to swell.

My prize. Nasty little prize.

"That's it, baby. Fuck me full of your yummy cum." I whimpered as my own orgasm started to build.

"Shove that big cock in me!" I cried looking Logan in the eye intently with need.

One hard jab.
Then a second.

"Yesssss! Fuckkkkk yessss!" I cried ramming my greedy twat down hard on his pulsing cock arching my back as my chubby pussy contracted and my body quivered in ecstasy.

"Fuckkkkk!" I panted as I leaned into Logan slowly working my pussy in tiny circles.

"Your amazing." Logan smiled as he gave me a little kiss.

"Your cock is amazing." I giggled as I enjoyed the feeling of our combined juices sloshing around inside me.

Logan started to move.
But, I wasn't ready for that.

"Don't. Just let me enjoy myself." I whispered softly as I put a hand on his chest stopping him.

Pulling me and holding me tight.

Logan kissed me as I enjoyed our post-orgasmic fuck.

No other words were said.
It was just us enjoying each other.
There was no need to talk.
Nothing needed to be said.

"Take me to dinner." I smiled as we lay on the couch curled up together.

"That means we have to get up." Logan laughed.

"Or we just order Chinese and lay here." I smiled happily.

"We lay here that long and it'll be my turn to fuck you." Logan chuckled poking my asshole with his prick.

"Chinese deliver and shower it is." I giggled wiggling my big ass.

"I love you," I said looking at Logan deep in his sexy eyes.

"I love you too." Logan smiled leaning in for a kiss.

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