Just Doing It

by Anonymous

Jon had not been planning to fuck.

The two of them had been walking along through the woodsy area and, finding it safely secluded, they had both decided that they were in the mood to have a little fun and to get naked and mess around. Which they had done.

Neither was gay, although Jake was far more liberal when it came to enjoying that sort of male fun than Jon was. He still felt hesitant and unsure, although he did find it exciting to do things like that with a guy friend. So they had enjoyed playing with each other’s stiff boner, and Jon had even worked up the nerve to suck on Jake’s dick a little bit.

Hoping, of course, that Jake would not ejaculate in his moth. He had experienced that several times and really did not like how it tasted. Still, he found it very exciting to have another guy’s hard dick in his mouth, and he had quite willing sucked and licked Jake’s boner.

When Jake had said how he wanted to do it in his butt, and Jon had found himself going along with the desire. With no lubrication, Jake had simply used some spit to slick his erection with. This only allowed him to get the swollen head of his penis and an inch of the shaft in, but it was enough. Jon had tolerated the almost painful insertion, gritting his teeth as he leaned with his hands against the tree and Jake fucked him from behind.

He stood there feeling the repeated short thrust of Jake’s hard dick and found that to be very stimulating, making his own boner rigid, and curving out. He had only been fucked half a dozen times, and he was still somewhat unaccustomed to accommodating another guy in this way, and yet he never failed to find this exciting.

In a moment more Jake had his way with him, and he ejaculated, doing so fully inside of him and enjoying the pleasure of that. Jon could only gasp and find his own excitement making him ejaculate. Streams of his white liquid shot all over the trunk of the tree, splashing against it and dripping thickly down.

“Oh, man … it felt so good doing that in your butt,” Jake said.

“Yeah …” Jon breathed back. It had felt good, but already he was thinking how he would now have to go and poop out Jake’s load. That was the trouble with impromptu fucking. It was amazing and thrilling, but there were some ramifications to deal with. Thankfully he felt safe enough with Jake not to worry about the lack of a condom, and to have just Jake fuck him naturally. Usually he would have insisted on using a rubber.

But this time, it had been ok and he had been perfectly willing. If anything, he did actually much prefer to be fucked by a bare dick. That just made it that much more exciting and satisfying. So even as unexpected as this time was for him, Jon still savored the pleasure to find himself being fucked and thoroughly fucked.

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