Just an Average Mom Story

by Latisha (NY)

It was fun being naked with my son. It was just so excitingly personal in a way that I had never experienced before. Just as it was exciting to see his maleness being stiffly erect.

We kissed as we lay there on the bed, our lips softly pressing with a tender love.

I felt his hands on my sides, touching my skin, and my own hands felt his.

Then he was kissing and sucking on my nipples, and I felt this aroused ecstasy go through my naked body, as my hand slipped down to hold and feel his hard erect penis.

Easily I laid back as he moved himself on top of me, and the next thing that I felt was his hard male organ entering the depth of my wet female organ which took him in so easily.

I moaned as I lay there and he started to fuck me.

“Uhhh …” I said, squeezing my eyes shut, giving in entirely to the passion that was taking place between my legs.

“Oh, mom …” I heard him breathe.

“It feels so good to have you in me,” I told him.” Oh, I like how that feels!”

“I like how it feels to be in you. You’re making me so hard”

“You feel hard,” I told him, as I became aware of my expanding clitoris. “Your penis feels so hard.”

“It is. My dick is so hard!” he exclaimed, now panting. “I just can’t hold back.”

“Just do it in me!” I said, not caring about my own needs, but just wanting him to go all the way in me, to make the moment complete.

The he was ejaculating. I laid there feeling him doing that in me. That my own son was actually putting his sperm I me made me have a sharp, quick orgasm.

“Ohhhhh …. Ohhhhh … Ohhhhhh …” I choked as this happened, with my orgasm receiving his semen at the same moment.

We were intimately combing or sexual wetness and this felt so incredible to experience being able to use my vagina like this with my own son. To lay there with him between my legs, letting my reproductive organ hold his in such an intimate and inborn way.

It had only been six months since I had separated from his father, and although we had never realized before, our desire to know each other in this way had suddenly seemed such a natural and mutual one. So without difficulty I had found myself naked with my nineteen-year-old son, as hesitant and unsure as he had felt being like that with his own mother.

Then to simply let nature take its course had been so wonderful and easy, fun and exciting as we both knew that we were going to fuck.

Then as we started, our physical introduction had felt so uniquely rewardingly.

And now that had been satisfied and there was no embarrassment, no regrets, no misgivings.

I was just an average mom, and yet I had been able to experience the fulfillment of being sexually personal with my own son and this was the most wonderful thing.

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