Just A Typical Mom and Son Morning

by Victoria (WA)

After her divorce from his father, Mara and her son had started having sex. It was sort of funny because it really had not seemed like such a momentous thing. Not perhaps like many would have thought. It just seemed like something that they could do together and it was nice. There were no feelings of shame or guilt.

Mara knew that her son liked doing it with her. That was fun and exciting for him to do that with his own mom. And for her it was fun and exciting to do that with her own son. That morning Josh was fucking his hard dick into his mom and he was smiling about it. He liked giving his mom his penis.

Mara was smiling too as he did this. For a mother it was very exciting as well as fulfilling to have her son’s reproductive organ in her own. The intimacy was so pleasing to experience.

“I’m glad that you like doing this with your mom,” she said.

“I love doing it with you, mom,” Josh said.

They both savored how good it felt being together like this. It was so loving.

Josh’s stiff penis slid smoothly in and out of his mom’s soft wet vagina.

“Oh, honey …” she breathed closing her eyes. “Ohhhh.”

“Are you going to cum, mom?”

“Oh, yes,” she confirmed. “You always make me cum. I’m almost embarrassed.”

“Don’t be embarrassed mom. I like to see you cum.”

She opened her eyes partially for a moment to look at him and she smiled over his enthusiasm. Then she closed her eyes again and was only too aware of just how fully erect her clitoris was, preparing to deliver her release. Her son’s penetrating insertions excited her clit more and more until she could no longer stand it.


Josh looked at the expression on intense pleasure on his mom’s face as she was sexually satisfied and loved seeing that.

“Ohhhh … Ohhhh …” she whimpered as her orgasm eased.

With his mom satisfied, Josh quickly took his erection to the point of ejaculation.

His hard penis began pumping out his wet sperm fully inside of his mom’s vagina.

“Ohhhh … Ohhhhh … Ohhhhh …” Josh choked. Even without his mom becoming pregnant, his penis was filling its reproductive role in her and that felt so gratifying for him, as he filled her vagina with his milky semen.

“Oh, yes, Josh …” Cara said as she laid there and felt his maleness climaxing inside of her. It was like completing the mother and son bond, and was maternally satisfying to experience. Her hands held his back as he ejaculated.

Then Josh could only sigh as he finished.

He opened his eyes and looked down at his mom and she was looking up at him smiling as she did so.

“This is so special for a mom,” She said, looking almost modest, “to have her son’s penis ejaculating in her.”

Josh smiled. ”It’s special for a son too, to have his penis ejaculating in his mom.”

They kissed wetly and fully, and the fact that his penis was still in her as they did made it only that much better. It felt so good to be mother and son lovers. There was nothing better.

For them this was just a typical morning, getting naked and having sex, and enjoying it.

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