Just A Quicky?

by Anonymous

“We’d better hurry,” Eric said, worried that someone could come along and see them.

Pete was worried about that, too. He couldn’t even believe that he was doing this. Eric had his pants down and was leaning with his hands on the railing of the weathered old wooden section of fence.

Pete had his pants down too, and he looked at his erection that was in the transparent condom he had just slipped on. And at Eric’s smooth bare buttocks. He had never done anything like this before, although, and much to his surprise, Eric apparently had. Eric had even had a condom in his pocket and was prepared.

They had been walking along the back dirt road and the two of them had gotten talking about how horny they were feeling. That was when Eric, just out of the blue, asked Pete if he wanted to fuck him.

Not even knowing what to say, Eric had produced the condom, and somehow, to his own amazement, Pete had gone ahead a slipped it onto the erection that he had, seeing the outstanding one that Eric had to match his own.

Pete took a hold of his stiff length and proceeded to push the swollen tip into Eric’s butt hole. The lubricated condom allowed him to slide effortlessly in. He heard Eric moan a little.

“Man that feels good!” Eric said.

Pete started to slide his erection in and out, finding himself fucking Eric’s willing butt. It did feel good and exciting. Again and again he gave Eric every inch of his boner, doing so quite purposefully and with male intent.

“Ooo … yeah … yeah … yeah …” Eric panted. Then he sucked in a breath as he started ejaculating. His creamy semen pulsing out from his hard dick in short thick bursts which slopped out.

Pete did another quick dozen insertions and ejaculated, his release filling the condom with his wet discharge.

“Uh … Uh …” he grunted, giving his submerged penis a number of short inward strokes in rhythm with his climaxing spasms. It felt so terrific. So exciting to be doing this in Eric’s butt. And yet he had never dreamed about doing this with another guy. “Uh … Uh … Uh … Uh …” Peter grunted over and over until he felt his ejaculation coming to a satisfying conclusion.

He would have liked to stay right where he was for much longer, with his dick in Eric’s butt, but already Eric was pulling away and starting to pull up his pants.

“You’d better get rid of that. Just toss it over there,” Eric said, referring to the condom, and grinning happily.

Pete slipped the condom from his now no longer erect penis, now heavy with his discharge, and flung it off into the weeds and pulled up his pants. Apparently they were safe. No one had seen them. He was relieved about that.

“What about you? Aren’t you going to jack off or anything?” Pete questioned Eric.

“Oh, I came while you were fucking me,” Eric revealed, being quite matter of fact about his own needs having been taken care of. He grinned. “I just couldn’t help it.”

“Oh,” said Pete, not having realized and just a little taken back by the extent of Eric’s arousal. He grinned, too. He was astonished by the fact that he had just fucked another guy. It had all been so easy. So exciting. Still, he had been so surprised by Eric. “I … I didn’t know that you’re Gay,” he mentioned.

“I’m not,” Eric assured. “No more than you are.” He shrugged. “ But what's wrong with enjoying that with a friend?”

“Um … nothing, I suppose,” Pete found himself saying.

He had heard about guys who were perfectly straight having sex with other guys, without being gay. And apparently that was perfectly true, as he had just found out for himself. He smiled, enjoying that discovery.

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