Just A Bra To The Bar

by Karl Evans (Ashland, WI, United States)

My wife ventured out to the Bar one night wearing only a black push up bra. I was not aware that she had left the house this way because the plan was to meet later that night.

When I walked into the place she was at I was shocked seeing her standing there with only a bra covering her 44 double Ds.

It was no surprise she had men standing all around her staring down her massive cleavage with only the gold heart pendent of her necklace covering her huge boobs. I told her that she was asking for trouble walking around like that.

She just laughed and continued to drink free shots that all the men were buying her. I went to the bathroom and went I came out she was gone so asked the bartender where she went.

He said they headed for after bar party up on the corner I got the address from another guy who was heading over there, when I arrived the door was locked.

So looked in the window to see if I get someone's attention to let me in What I saw was four men pinning my wife to the floor in the living room two of the men were holding her by the arms the other had her legs and the fourth one was on top of her straddling her stomach.

He reached up and tore off her bra, pulled his hardening cock out and pushed it down into her deep cleavage before Titty Fucking her.

I stood there and watched all four of them take their turn balling her boobs before blowing their loads all over her chest neck and face.

It was like watching a live porno movie and all the while I was, well that will teach her not to wear just a bra to the bar.

She Loves Bare Bottom Spanking
By Curious Man (Everett, Wa)

She has always loved to be spanked on her bare bottom and liked it when her younger sister and mother were watching me spank her. She was brought home by the cops last Saturday she was intoxicated.

I told mom we will deal with her in the morning. At 8 am Mom and I woke both girls. They came down and we had coffee and she said she was sorry.

So mom said she needed to be spanked and she stripped down to nothing, she came over and bent over my lap. Mom and sister said to give it to her good.

The youngest sis went upstairs and came back down with a big dildo, mom said that is what she needs. So I spanked her and she started to cum. On the 4th smack. My lap was wet.

Sister said to stuff the dildo in her ass. I was shocked and mom slid it in her asshole with ease she came again and now I'm am rock hard.

I made her stand up and I pulled out my hard on. Mom sucked it and then she sucked me until I came. The youngest sis started to lick my dick and nuts and I came in her mouth, mom made the oldest sis lick her pussy until she came. I never knew my oldest sis loves bare bottom spanking. I think I will be doing this every weekend!

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