Julie’s pregnancy

by Anonymous

Julie is the mother of my best friend, Luke. When Luke and I were thirteen he told me that his parents sleep nude. My thought was the two must have sex regularly. Julie was a little plump with large breasts and nice plump ass and what I would soon see, a very hairy pussy, this was the 1980’s.

One Saturday morning I woke up early when I heard Luke’s dad, Dave leaving the house. I walked back to the bathroom to pee. Julie heard me and asked who was there. I stepped into her bedroom to say it was me. She started talking with me and asking about cooking breakfast.

As we talked, I kept walking in further and further until I was standing over her. She had a sheet pulled up covering about half of her boobs. I could barely contain myself. I walked out of her bedroom and heard her get up, so I stopped and took a look. Julie saw me and just smiled.

She wasn’t bashful, but she wasn’t flaunting herself. It happened so fast that a short time later I was upset as I couldn’t remember what her body looked like. Luckily, over the next two years, the same thing happened. The last time, she walked toward me and I saw the hairiest pussy ever. It was trimmed, but the hair was so thick. To this day, I love a hairy pussy.

My last year of high school, Julie and I would flirt. The flirting increased and became more naughty. A week before Christmas Julie took me shopping to help me find something for my mom. We flirted a lot on that trip. Julie pulled into my driveway late on a Friday night. The curtains were pulled in the house, but the light was on, so I knew my mom was awake.

Before I got out of the car, I told Julie thanks. She asked me if that was all she was going to get. Although we flirted, I was not the type to make a move. She leaned over and we began kissing. The kissing became more and more passionate. Soon our hands were all over each other and I had her shirt half unbuttoned.

It was amazing and going great until I got a little over excited and bumped the horn. We both jumped and she said I better go. The porch light came on as I got out of the car. My mom was waiting and I was worried what she might have observed. If she did see anything, all she asked was why I was in the car so long.

After that night, Julie and I would sneak to another room or out back at her house when Dave and or Luke were there to kiss. Usually our hands were all over each other but the clothes never came off. It was driving us both crazy.

The day after our graduation, Dave offered me a job working for him that summer. Luke and I were the grunts. We did all the crappy jobs, but Dave paid very well. On Fridays, Dave would stay at home while his men went to the job. He stayed there figuring and writing payroll checks and tracking his bills and writing checks for his supplies.

The second week of work, Luke and I went back to his house to pick up a few ladders we needed for the job. While inside I saw Dave working on his bills. He mentioned he hated it, but an accountant was going to charge him a huge amount to do the work. I had taken two years of accounting in high school and was headed off to college for accounting. When I mentioned I would help him, he said each Friday I could take care of it all.

The following Friday arrived and I sat down with Dave to understand his method. There were easier ways and all I needed were some different forms than he was using. I went to the office supply store and returned with all that I needed. I showed him how it should be done and he asked me to correct his stuff. Julie helped me that afternoon, but I wanted to get it done, so we kissed a few times. It ended up taking me the entire weekend to transfer over all of his information. Every chance Julie had, she would take me to the back family room or the laundry room and would kiss me or put her hand down my pants and play with my cock. She loved the thrill. I wasn’t into the thrill like she was.

The following Friday I showed up and began doing the paperwork. In a few hours I was done. I was going to go to the job site, but Julie had other plans. We started in the kitchen kissing. I took off her shirt and was playing with her tits and sucking them. She loved having her nipples sucked. We moved into the living room. The front curtain was open and anyone driving by could possibly see us. Julie didn’t care as she said it made it more exciting. Julie took off all of her clothes and told me to go down and eat her pussy. She wanted people to see her in the window.

Soon we traded places and I was standing as she sucked on my cock. I had to push her away as I was about to cum. Julie laid back on the couch and spread her legs then motioned for me. The three times of seeing her nude when I was young and all of the flirting and kissing overwhelmed my thoughts. I might have gotten in six strokes before I came inside her. I didn’t wear a condom because I figured she was on birth control because I figured Dave and her fucked all of the time.

We laid on the couch kissing and talking for an hour. That is when we heard the mail lid close and a second later we saw the mailman walk by. Luckily he didn’t look in the window. I wanted to go back to work as I figured Dave would be mad that I was done and not working, let alone fucking his wife. But, Julie begged me to stay and we had sex on the washing machine and I bent her over in the dining room in front of the mirror. Each time I came inside her.

When Dave returned that afternoon, I told him I got the stuff done and meant to come out to the job, but Julie wanted help with a few things. Dave told me that he would be willing to pay me for eight hours if I would do the bookkeeping. He said if I got done early that I could leave. For the rest of the summer, Julie referred to Friday as fuck me Fridays. We fucked a hundred times.

School started for me. Dave offered to pay my rent at an apartment if I would continue doing books for him. He said Julie would bring over the books Friday and I would finish them and she would come back. It sounded great to us both. Each Friday Julie would show up and we would fuck. One Friday Julie showed up and didn’t seem herself. She left to buy me groceries and I did the paperwork while she was gone.

As soon as she walked in, I was all over her, but she wasn’t responsive. We sat down and she told me that she isn’t on birth control. She apologized for not telling me, but she hadn’t had sex in over ten years and she wanted it desperately. She kept apologizing. In one of the bags was a box of condoms. We began fooling around and we fucked a couple of times while using a condom. I hated the feeling, but didn’t say anything. After a few weeks of fucking using a condom, we ran out. She needed to leave in a half hour but we both wanted to fuck. So she told me we could fuck and I could just pull out. We did.

The following week she showed up with more condoms and for the next few weeks we fucked using them. We knew to get more but neither of us did. Both of us wanting to fuck, she told me to pull out. As we fucked, I told her how good it use to feel cumming inside her. With a huge smile, she said I could cum in her. I did and it felt amazing. She reminded me she could get pregnant, but I was horny, young and felt invincible.

As luck would have it, four months later Julie was pregnant. I was freaking out the day she told me. I said Dave will kill me when he finds out. That is when Julie informed me she had already told Dave. His first words were that it was Fred’s I couldn’t believe it that he knew. He said that he has not treated her right for years and he understood how she felt. He then confessed to affairs with two different women. Julie was devastated. Normally Julie left by four to get home, but I looked at the clock and it was 4:30. When I told her that she better get home, she said Dave was coming to pick up the books. My heart stopped beating.

Dave knocked at the door and Julie answered. She gave him the books and he asked to talk with me. With my head hanging low, I walked to the door. He waved his hand for me to follow him. In the front yard I stood waiting for him to beat the shit out of me. Instead he said he hasn’t treated Julie right for years and he deserved what he got. We talked for a long time. Dave said that he knows we are having sex and doesn’t care, but he would prefer if we kept it secret. If that wasn’t stunning enough, he said he would pay for an abortion and make her get on birth control. This is not how I figured it would turn out.

Dave left and I returned to the apartment. I told Julie everything that was said and she was pleased with it all. We began kissing and soon Julie asked me to cum in her. She said you can’t get me anymore pregnant.

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