by Ross (NV)

Jaun was Mexican and lived a few houses away from Ron. He was younger and cute and Ron knew that he wanted to be friends in spite of their age difference.

Although he wasn’t gay, Ron found Juan to be cut and attractive man and had started wondering if Juan might like to be boy-friendly with him.

That morning, on had gone over to his house and he had no problem in talking Jaun out of his clothes and to get naked, save for the red flip flops his bare feet were slipped into. Almost immediately with Jaun getting an erection, with his tiny little penis pushing stiffly up, making him grin modestly.

Ron had then taken off his clothes, letting Juan see his large stiff cock. Juan had smiled, apparently liking being this way together as friends, and Ron was delighted.

“Man, you give me such a boner,” Ron said and took Juan into his arms, to press his darker thin physique against his.

Ron then kissed Jaun on the mouth, doing so quite passionately, slipping his tongue fully in and receiving no objection from Juan. He felt Juan yield and kiss him back.

Ron saw a convenient bottle of hand lotion and reached for it, squeezing some out onto his boner to slick its length. He then turned Jan around and got up behind him. Taking a hold of his hard boner, he pushed the swollen head up against Jaun’s tight brown anal pucker and it went in. He pushed firmly and slid his dick all the way into Jaun’s accommodating boyness.

“Oh, man …” Ron breathed and he started to slide his dick in and out.

“Oh .. Oh …” Juan breathed as well with the penetration of his untested butt hole.

Holding his hands on Juan’s bare hips, Ron began to fuck him smoothly and easily.

“Oh, yeah … yeah …” he said as Juan panted with each inward thrust.

While he was not gay, the pleasure of fucking another boy was one that Ron liked and he was thrilled to enjoy this with Juan.

He felt the tightness of Juan butt hole gripping his dick as it plunged repeatedly into his soft anal sheath.

“It feels so good to be fucking you, Juan,” he said.

“Ohhhh … I like being fucked by you” said Juan breathlessly as he raised up on his bare toes and was almost fucked out of his red flip flops.

“Oh … I’m going to give it you …” Ron gaped as he felt the urgency rising within his hard dick.

In the next moment his boner was ejaculating his sperm into the younger’s male deliciously naked brown body.

“Oh, man! Oh, man!” Ron groaned. It felt so good giving Juan his sperm.

Juan loved the infusion of Ron’s male liquids into him and was excited by this. Without warning his own erect penis was squirting uncontrollably, shooting out one wet stream after another.

As Ron’s ejaculation began to ease, he did a few more small inward strokes into Juan’s butt to ensure its completion. He was amazed just how satisfying it was to fuck Juan like this as another male, and even without fertilization taking place, to impregnate him with his sperm. Just so good and so satisfying.

When he pulled his no longer erect penis from Juan’s butt, Juan turned and smiled at him, obviously thinking the same thing. That Ron had wanted to fuck him and put his sperm into him was so meaningful. It was a special pleasure that two guys could share and enjoy and Juan was thrilled. So was Ron.

When I was younger I enjoyed this experience with a younger guy and it was so great. I knew that I was the first to fuck him and he had been so excited and eager to let me take my dick all the way in him. We remained good friends for years.

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