Joann And Jason Naked Love

by Cindy (NY)

Joann was savoring how good it felt to be nakedly sitting on top of her son as he laid on the bed, slowly riding her vagina up and down on his erect penis.

‘Oh … Oh, this feels so good,” she murmured.

“I know, mom,’ Jason said.

It had only been six months since the divorce, but somehow, and quite easily, the two of them had managed to enjoy being sexually loving. It had not been like it was lustful, uncontrolled passion or a case of seduction. Rather, it had been very simple and straightforward.

There was something wonderful about feeling her son’s stiff maleness inside of her like that, and Jason found just how terrific it felt to have his penis in how own mom’s vagina.

Her orgasm came slowly and she loved it. She moaned and pressed her vagina down as her sexual tensions eased from her body.

In the next moment Jason felt his erection ejaculating and he enjoy how satisfying it felt to be giving his mom his wet sperm.

“Uh … yeah ..’ hr groaned.

Joann knew that he was cumming in her and she loved this, too.

“Ooo … that’s nice,” she said and it was feeling her son going all the way with her.

When it was over, they looked at one another and smiled once more over their love making. Doing so without embarrassment or feelings of guilt.

Of course if his father had known that he was putting his penis in his mother’s vagina, he would have been shocked, and Joann thought how her husband would have thought that she was some shameless whore. But it wasn’t like that at all. This was just something personal and intimate between the two of them and they both loved it.

Joann climbed off of her son and sat on the edge of the bed and found her cigarettes and lit one up. She smiled over the joke of smoking after sex and fond this amusing. Jason tapped out a cigarette and lit up, as well.

The morning sun was coming in through the bedroom window, and it was pleasing, the two of them nakedly being together like this.

“I do enjoy this,’ she remarked with a slightly modest grin. “Although I do feel a little naughty doing this with my son.”

Jason grinned, too. “I enjoy doing it with my mom. I think that’s great.”

“Do you? You don’t think badly of me?’ She had to ask, feeling that she had been quite bold and audacious mounting her son riding him to a climax like she had.

“No,’ Jason assured.

They did a small kiss and finished smoking their cigarettes.

Then, feeling quite nakedly comfortable, they left the bedroom and casually went downstairs to have some breakfast. The thought of spending the day naked together was titillating and fun. What could be better?

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