Jill and Tonya are Surprised

by Baley (OR)

Jill and Tonya were best friends, and their moms, both divorced were good friends as well, which as great.

That morning they had gone for a drive out in the country and had stopped to admire the scenery.

Jill and Tonya went off a little ways into the bushes and found a fallen tree to sit on.

Just feeling playful, they had started kissing for the fun of it in a non-serious way.

Their moms came up and saw them.

“You two,” Tonya’s mother did somewhat chidingly.

“What?” Tonya said innocently. “We’re just playing.”

“Well, it would better if the two of you saved that for at home,” said Jill’s mom a bit sternly.

As they drove back Jill and Tony both knew that they probably should not have been doing what they had done, especially where their moms could see.

“When they arrived at Jill’s house they all went in.

“Um … Tonya and I are just going up to me room,” Jill said.

“All right,” her mom said.

Jill and Tonya headed upstairs to Jill’s room.

When they closed the door behind them they resumed their kissing and play making out.

It was fun doing that together as friends and as girls.

Their lips pressed wetly and they licked each other’s tongue.

Then they stopped as they heard their moms coming upstairs, wondering if they were going to be discovered again.

Only their moms never showed up. They happily went back to kissing until they heard a noise.

Looking at each other, neither could figure out what had made the sound.

Carefully they crept from the room and went silently barefoot down the hall, until they got to the door of Jill’s mom’s room.

They heard the sound again.

Jill opened the door and to their complete astonishment were their mothers lying naked on the bed together making out.

“Mom!” Jill and Tonya both said at once.

“Well,” Jill’s mom said very calmly, “If you two can have some fun, so can we.”

Jill and Tonya were amazed to find their moms being so completely bisexual like that.

It was wonderful.

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