Jen's Morning Ritual

by Dee (NC)

Jen was walking around the house naked and horny. Her pussy was wet that morning and her clit was swollen and erect. Of course, most mornings she felt this way and she loved it. She was just one of those girls who loved sensual pleasures.

Teasingly she knew that she could easily be a whore. A compete whore. Although she had to be mindful of keeping a proper image. Although the thought of having a boy’s hard dick pounding her slit was attempting one. Still, she had to be careful of her image and did not want to get the reputation of being a whore.

Longingly she wished that she had a girlfriend who was interested in some bisexual fun, but all of the girls she knew were not into fucking with other girls. She did have her eye on Cynthia Crowly, and thought that perhaps with some enticement that she might well have a chance with her. Cynthia had big full tits and a nice ass and was a lot f fun, and frequently gave the impression as being as horny as she was.

Still, that morning it was just her and she was determined to have some good and very satisfying sex.

Blithely and on agile bare toes Jen walked from the living room and went upstairs to her mom’s room. There in a dresser drawer she found her mom’s secret pleasure – a large flesh colored replica of a man’s erect penis.

Jen fondled its thick shape, which that it was a real boner, undoubted as her own mother often did as well. Yet, it was handy and convenient and there was no risk of getting pregnant.

She smiled and slid the swollen mushrooming broad head into her mouth and sucked on it. There was even a small dip where the hole would have been, and she licked her tongue repeatedly over this wishing that it could suddenly squirt a load of semen into her mouth. She liked to give blow jobs and savored the salty taste of male liquid.

Teasingly Jen took the large dildo back downstairs and went into the kitchen.

There, just for the fun and thrill of being so open about it, she leaned against the counter and put her legs apart and thrust the dildo up into her wet pussy.

“UHHHHH!!!” she grunted with the purposeful violation of her female reproductive organ.

It went deep, all the way and gave her instant pleasure.

She began to shove it in and out of her wet hole, doing so with more and more vigor.

“OH! OHH OH! YEAH!” she gasped.

The firm rubber implement plunged again and again into her private sex hole, fucking her beautifully with her slick lubrication making wet sounds as the dildo went in and out.

“Oh, God! Ohhhhh, God!” she panted as she fucked herself right there in the kitchen.

Her entire naked female physique trembled and her bare toes gripped at the smooth surface of the floor.

She could feel her clitoris reaching near straining proportions, its elongated smooth pink shape quivering with readiness. As the dildo went in deep each and every time she was aware of her butt hole clinching in and unclinching as her vagina was penetrated.

“OHHHHHHHH … AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Jen cried out as she climaxed.

“OH, FUCK! OH, FUCK! OH, FUCK!” she vocalized.

She felt like an explosion was taking place between her legs as she felt her excessive wetness dribbling down her smooth thighs.


She trembled and trembled again with the thick dildo shoved fully and deeply into her pussy hole.

Then finally it was over and she was left so pleasantly exhausted from her sexual ordeal.

She truly loved her horny morning ritual, and she thought to herself – maybe twice?

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