by Rocky (Florida)

When we moved here to Florida our home has rug in the living room and dining room. Our across the street, neighbor Janice introduced herself and we did like wise.

Janice is a tall woman with small tits but a great lower half. I was sitting outside one day with the workers installing the tile. Janice comes outside in a short nighty and bends over.

She had no panties on and her fat pussy was for all of us to see. The guys said Rocky did you see that and I said what do you think, I’m going to fuck that.

They laughed because they knew I was serious. Janice is a single mom and her son is a very busy young man. I told my crazy wife Carol about the no panties thing and she said well what are you waiting for.

Carol and I have a crazy life as you should know if you read some of her stories. I have a full gym in my garage and it didn’t take Janice long to come across the street and come inside my garage.

She had on shorts and a halter top and when she came in she closed the garage door. Carol was out and about so I knew I had a lot of time. Janice stripped and I was right. She had great legs and a nice shaved pussy.

I pulled down my shorts and she saw my big hard cock and she started to suck it moaning all the while. I laid her in one of my benches and started to lick and suck her pussy.

She was moaning and throwing her hips up and then she wrapped her legs around my head. She came all in my mouth and now it was time to fuck her.

She looks at me and says Rocky be gentle with me because it’s been a long time since I’ve had sex. Well I put the head in and she started again to moan but much louder this time.

She wraps her legs around me and says fuck me Rocky fuck me. I slam the full length of my cock inside her and she screams that she’s cumming.

I can feel her pussy get extra wet so I just keep slamming my big cock inside her. Janice cums again and wants to get up.

She gets on all four as I put cushions under her knees and she says she wants my cock in her ass. I love to fuck women in the ass so I start to work my cock in her ass.

I don’t know about Janice but when I cum in Carol’s ass she cums like crazy. Janice turns her head and says I love to feel your balls slapping my pussy.

She cums again and I shoot a big load in her ass and pull out and put my cock in her mouth. I know this is too close to home but my cock wanted her so I had to fuck her.

It’s funny if her son isn’t home and I’m outside, Janice will stand in her doorway naked and tell me to come here. I run across the street and give her a good fucking because now I’ve stretched her pussy and she can take my cock no problem.

I don’t know how Carol would react if I fuck Janice by our pool, but I’m going to try and see what happens. True story.

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