Jan And Her Son

by Cindy (NY)

Devon had a secret, and it was that he and his mom fucked.

After his parents had divorced, this was just something which had worked out between him and his mom. It was just enjoyable and fun and something that that they liked to do together.

Of course no one knew that they fucked. That was private. A lot of mothers and sons had sexual relations, it was just that they never talked about it.

This was far more common than people thought, especially for divorced mothers.

It was estimated that up to sixty per cent of all mothers and sons had sexual relations at least once, and that forty per cent had sexual relations on a regal basis.

That morning they were nakedly engaging in being reproductively indulgent, although thankfully with no chance of her getting pregnant.

Devon smiled as he lay on top of his mom, purposefully sliding his erect penis in and out of her wet vagina in a relaxed way, and she smiled back at him, both of them delighting in the physical intimacy.

Of course Devon was eighteen, and his mom would have never been so demonstrative if he had been younger. She would have felt as if she was taking advantage if he was fourteen, at the time when she had divorced his father.

Sure they could have done it then, and probably more than a few mothers did it with their sons who were even younger than that. Jan thought that really was taking advantage.

But now that her son was older, sex was much more meaningful and appreciated.

“Oh,” she murmured, “this feels so good.”

“It feels good being in you, mom,” Devon said, feeling his mom’s vagina caressing his stiff male organ.

“Ohhh … I’m going to come,” she announced, and closed her eyes.

She gasped with her intense climax, nakedly struggling with the overwhelming spasms beneath her son.

Devon continued to give her every inch of his penis to ensure that her orgasm was complete.

Then, when it was, he continued to fuck her for another minute before he ejaculated in her.

“Uhhh …” He moaned, feeling the semen pulsing from his penis to deliver his sperm deep inside his mom’s vagina. It was so satisfying and special to come in his mother as it was for boys to do.

Jan delighted in receiving her son’s ejaculation, doing so with a mother’s satisfaction.

Then they both laid there recovering, savoring another successful conclusion to their love making, which they both liked to do in the mornings, as this started the day so perfectly. It was so wonderful being free to enjoy this with each other.

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