by Carol (Florida)

My hubby, Rocky owned a small business and he had only one worker, Jamil. I used to visit all the time and bring them something to eat. I liked sitting there and watching the two of them work together. Jamil is about six feet five inches and very thin. He is always very polite to me, calling me Miss Carol.

It was one Christmas and I told Rocky I was bringing them something to eat. I made some food, put my sexy Santa outfit on and a coat and I went to the yard. I went inside and Rocky and Jamil were waiting for the food. I gave them the food and I opened my coat and said Merry Christmas, Jamil’s jaw hung wide open as he was staring at my 34dds.

Rocky says to Jamil you ever see a nicer set of tits. Ok that was enough and I went to put my coat back on and Rocky said why are you putting your coat back on when both of us are admiring what a beautiful body you have. Jamil says Carol you’re gorgeous. I thank him but now I’m a little embarrassed. Rocky says c'mon Carol give us a little Christmas dance.

I used to be a bartender in a go go bar years ago so I’m definitely not shy. I climbed up on the desk and started to dance for the two of them. My outfit was a bra with candy cane hanging off it and a thong with Santa by my pussy. I had red pumps on so it felt like I was back in the bar. Both of them were saying show us something Carol.

I paid no attention and just kept dancing. Jamil said please Carol just a peek. I undid my bra and let my big tits free. Rocky says now you’re talking. Jamil says damn Carol you’ve got big black girls nipples. I squeezed them together and put a nipple in my mouth and started sucking it. Jamil looks at Rocky and says your one lucky man.

Rocky laughs and says how about letting Jamil feel them. I said no he can look but he can’t touch. Rocky said c'mon Carol it’s Christmas. I said again no Rocky. Jamil looked so sad so I said ok one feel. Jamil grabbed my tit and started to knead my big nipple. The next thing I knew he had my nipple in his mouth licking and sucking it.

Mmmmmmm it felt so good that I didn’t want him to stop but I knew I had to. I said ok show is over put my coat back on and Jamil left. It was just Rocky and I and Rocky throws me down on his desk, pulls my thong off and he can’t believe how wet I am. Rocky asks me Carol why are you so wet, and I tell him Jamil did this to me.

Rocky says then why did you stop him. I tell Rocky I like Jamil but I don’t want to fuck him. Rocky pits his ten-inch Italian cock inside me and I tell him this is all the cock I need. Rocky slams his cock deep inside me and says Carol this is what Jamil wants to do to you. I laugh and say is that what you want me to do, and Rocky says do whatever you want.

I get on top of Rocky and now it’s my turn as I look at him and say yes Jamil fuck me with your big black cock. Rocky is now slamming me on his cock saying yes Carol fuck me. I cum and then Rocky cums deep inside me. He says let go to my house shower and have something to eat. I say ok and I follow Rocky to his house which is a short distance away from his business.

We pull in the driveway go inside and Rocky strips me naked and we go in the shower. Rocky wants to fuck mean the shower but I said no let’s get in bed. We get out the shower and Rocky lays in his back and his big cock is hard as a rock. I’m sucking his cock getting it all nice and hard and wet when I feel a cock enter me. OMG I turn around and it’s Jamil.

He grabs my hips so I can’t get away and he’s slamming my pussy so hard I feel his balls banging against my ass. I don’t want this to happen so I say Jamil stop I don’t want this. Jamil pays no attention to what I’m saying so I look over at Rocky and he’s jerking his big cock. I don’t know what to do, Jamil’s cock was now feeling pretty nice inside me.

I turn around and say to Jamil, fuck my white pussy with your big black cock, make me cum. Jamil now gets on top of me and slams his big cock inside me. Yes Jamil fuck me and he slams all of his cock that I feel his big black balls slapping my pussy. I came all over his black cock and Jamil is still fucking me hard and deep.

Jamil says Carol I’m getting ready to cum where do you want it. I tell him in my pussy, fill it with your black cum. Jamil pulls his cock out and says clean me off Carol, which I do. I grab Jamil’s hand and say let’s take a shower. We go in the shower together and Jamil is washing my body. He’s soaping up my tits and puts his fingers inside my pussy.

Jamil says Carol I want some more of your good pussy so I bend over spread my cheeks and say fuck me use me Jamil. He slams his cock once again inside me making me scream yes fuck me Jamil. He picks me up, I wrap my legs around him and it back to the bed. Rocky has left the room Jamil is paying no attention that Rocky is gone and he continues to fuck me.

I cum all over his black cock again and I can see my white cum all over his black cock. Jamil says Carol you should’ve let me fuck you at the office and I say but you’re fucking me now. I cum again and Jamil pulls his cock out of me and shoots his load all over my big tits. He puts his cock in my mouth and I clean him and suck him dry.

I’m licking the cum off my tits and Jamil says well how did you like it. I told him I didn’t like it, I loved it. He puts his cock inside my mouth and he’s hard again. He wants to fuck me again and I say are you going to fuck me all night. Jamil looks at me and says I’m going to try. I wrap my legs around him and say fuck me Jamil and he pushes his cock yet again inside me.

I know Rocky had something to do with this but it’s too late to worry about that now. Jamil is sucking my nipples biting them gently and he says Carol is Christmas going to be every day for me and I tell him only if you're a good boy now fuck me. I know this isn’t the last time Jamil fucks me since Rocky is gone some weekends and now I can enjoy Jamil’s big black cock. TRUE STORY!

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