Jamaican Anal

by George (Jamaica)

My name is George and I'm married to the most amazing, beautiful, sexy woman u can imagine she's 5feet 8inches tall caramel skinned and she has the most luscious sexy ass to die for even women go crazy over her ass then her jugs are so amazing.

The first time I had anal sex was with her friend during a tipsy night of 3 sum it was an amazing feeling and I wanted the experience again as her friend Ash couldn't manage my 8 inch cock as it seemed too big for her backdoor.

So I wasn't satisfied and after all if her ass felt so good around my cock I wondered what my wife's Virgin ass would feel like seeing how good and tight her pussy is. So I knew I wanted to pick my wife's anal cherry and be the first to enter her backdoor. I thought about it endlessly and couldn't figure out an easy way to get my cock in her tight ass.

So one night while we were naked having hot steamy sex and after making her cum twice I asked her if she was willing to try something new and if she trusted me as her husband she said yes and I told her I wanted to try anal and she accepted.

I was between her legs and I rolled her over on her stomach and that beautiful sight of her sexy ass made my cock grow an extra inch. My heart was racing as I couldn't believe she said yes and I was getting my fantasy fulfilled I opened her as cheeks and looked at that tiny puckered rose bud with the smallest brown fading into a pretty pink hole I've ever seen.

My cock was rock hard I looked at how close it was to her open red pussy I just fucked so good. I was in awe at how gorgeous she looked from back way, I couldn't wait to force my stiff cock in her ass and pick that anal cherry.

I lubed up my cock with some Johnson oil and pored some into her as crack, I stroked my cock twice and lined it up with her tiny little Virgin arse hole, knowing I was going to enter her back door. She was breathing so hard as she felt the tip of my cock touch her ass.

I pushed at her backdoor and her ass winced and winked in quick succession it pinched the tip of my cock and I thought to myself she's so much tighter than Ash how will I ever get in. I tried for what seemed like hours pushing in feeling just the tip pierce in just a bit only to be squeezed and pushed back out her backdoor which she closed with her tight muscles.

I continued trying as I thought about the tight fit and squeeze I'd get once inside her arse. I reassured her I loved her and I'd be gentle I pushed and stopped holding the pressure of my stiff cock against her Anus as she winked her puckered hole and then suddenly I felt the tip bore in just a fraction and her assorted there at that moment there was no movement everything was still as I heard her let out a faint cry then a moan as she transitioned into a gasp and whimpering cry.

I felt my well oiled cock slip a bit further with each cry and moan the head was in it was sooooo tight I almost nutted instantly but I held back as I wanted to fuck her tight Oh so tight Virgin ass hole.

It was still only the head of my cock inside her ass but I pushed into her tightness even more as she cried softly, I watched as my dick slowly disappeared into her tight arse slowly her moans drove me wild I couldn't help but want to hurt her little puckered Virgin A-hole I layed flat with all my cock in her ass and felt that hot tight finger like suction and tight squeeze I was getting from her Virgin ass hole it was so hot and tight.

I asked her if she was ok and she nodded I started to fuck her Virgin ass slowly as I knew I'd just picked the cherry and this was new to her and I wanted to know and feel every inch of her ass I fucked it slow for about 6 minutes during which her whimpers and cries turned into moans of pleasure.

I was loving the feel of my wife's Virgin ass it was hot not warm it was so tight and it felt like there was some finger like projections massaging my cock I fucked it just a little faster and deeper and she came shaking and biting the pillows her ass winced around my cock squeezing it tighter as she orgasm, I fucked that little hole for the better loving that wonderful sensation.

I continued on the same pace for another 4 minutes then she cried out "mi a Cum again yes fuck it please" my cock grew as her hole tightened around my pounding shaft, I fucked into her little tight hole deep and felt her ass muscle start a suction massage on my cock as she came.

I couldn't help but fuck into her Virgin tight ass deep and nut I came deep into her ass. I came so much silky smooth mound of her ass was squeezed into my groin and I was buried deep in her ass getting hot cum to fill her tiny hole. She wined beneath me and whimpered as her multiple orgasms faded.

I layed there on top of her ass with my cock in through her backdoor leaking my Cum inside her. Her anal muscles started pushing me out even though I tried to stay and I was still a bit hard. I held her kissed her and we cuddled for about 10 minutes before we hit the shower. That's how I picked my wife Lace anal cherry.

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