I’ve Always Wanted To Be A Masseuse

by Carol (Florida)

I’m sitting by the pool bored out on my mind so I put on my shorts and top and I figure I’ll go shopping. I’m walking around this store and I see a massage table for sale. Ok I buy it bring it home and set it up by the pool. My son, Matt carries it and sets it up by the pool. He looks at me and says ok mom what’s this for.

I tell him to practice and he says practice for what. I tell Matt I want to be a masseuse. He says are you crazy and I tell him no I’m serious. I put a sheet over the table and I have a towel and I tell Matt strip you’re my first customer. Matt takes his clothes off I hand him the towel and he says mom we’ve already seen each other naked. I tell him out the towel on or no massage.

Matt puts the towel on and lays on the table. I grab the towel and just cover his gorgeous ass. I warm up the oil and begin to massage Matt. He moans mom this feels so good. I whisper in his ear I’m glad you like it. I’m massaging his back and O could tell he was really into it. I tell him to turn over and he does but he lets the towel fall to the floor.

He has a hard on and he looks at me and says do I have to cover it up. I grab the towel off the floor and cover his big dick. It looks like he has a tent because his cock is so big. I rub his front down his legs and up under the towel. I tell him ok Matt the massage is over how’d I do. He says no happy ending for me. I tell him no no happy ending for any of my customers just a straight massage.

Matt grabs my big tits and says mom let me massage you. I say no this is for me to practice. I asked him how did it feel and he said it felt great but only if there was a happy ending. He looks like a little boy disappointed so I tell him ok get back on the table and lose the towel. He drops the towel I get naked and put warm oil all over his cock. I start to jerk him off and he says the oils feels great on his cock.

He grabs one of my big tits and puts it in his mouth. I climb up on the table and lower myself onto his big cock. Oh yes mom he moans ride my cock. I ride him til I cum all over his cock and now he climbs on top of me and sinks every inch inside me. He’s fucking me the way Inline it so I tell him fuck me Matt and he cums deep inside me.

We get off the table and Matt says mom that’s not the type of massage you’re going to give. I laugh and tell him you got special treatment because you’re my son. We take a shower together and I call the newspaper to run an ad for a massage. I advertise massage at your hotel or residence. From 10 to 6. My name, Carol. I would like to bring my table but it’s too heavy for me so I’ll have to massage the men on the bed.

The next morning I get my first call and it’s a man named Tony. He asks me all these questions like do I have big tits what color is my hair and do I shave. I said what do this have to do with a massage and he can’t answer me. I ask him does he want to make an appointment or not. He says sure gives me the address and makes the appointment for twelve.

I’m getting ready and I put on a red bra, a red thong and a white nurse like outfit with a zipper in the front. I’m leaving and Matt spots me and says please be careful. I tell him nothing to worry about. I pull up to this small ranch house and I ring the bell. I hear a voice say it’s unlocked and I’m in the bedroom. I go inside and there’s Tony laying naked on the bed on his stomach. I tell him the price he pays me, I get a towel cover his ass and go warm up the oil.

Tony looks exactly like Danny DeVito short and squatty. I climb on the bed and put the oil on him and he says Carol it feels nice. I tell him I’m glad you like it. I begin to rub his shoulders his chest then his legs. He tells me your gorgeous and you’ve got a great set of tits. I thank him and tell him to concentrate on the massage. I tell him Tony time to turn over which he does minus the towel.

He’s so hairy and his cock is so small I cover him again. Tony grabs my hand and puts it on his cock and says I’ll pay you more if you do more. He pulls my zipper down on the front of my dress as I zip it back up I tell him your massage is over. I’m walking out the door and he says you’ll never make any money being a prude.

I’m in the car and my phone rings it’s a man named Wali and he says how’s two. I told him ok I’ll see you at two and he gives me the address. I pulling the driveway ring the bell and a small Indian woman opens the door. She looks at me and says Wali is in the bedroom. I go in the bedroom it dimly lit I ask Wali to pay me which he does I go warm some oil.

I come back into the room and put oil on Wali’s back. I start to massage him and his wife enters the room. She says to me no hanky panky. I laugh and tell her there won’t be none. She sits down watching me as I rub Wali’s back and legs. He’s a hairy guy and the oil in his hair is nasty, but I keep massaging him. I tell him to turn over and his cock is hard. Wali’s wife looks at me like I’m suppose to do something about this.

I’m rubbing Wali’s chest down his legs and under the towel. His wife pulls the towel off him and he was even had more hair by his cock. Now she unzips the front of my dress and Wali grabs one of my tits. He says Carol your gorgeous and you’ve got great tits. I again zipper up my dress and tell Wali and his wife the massage was over.

Wali jumps up and says I’ll pay you more if you stay. I ask how much more and we have a deal. I start to massage him again he grabs my hand and puts it on his cock. His wife again unzips my dress but this time it falls to the floor. Wali looks at me and is stunned. I’m now in my bra and thong and start to massage him yet again.

I’m now touching his cock and he reaches around and he undos my bra letting my big tits fall free. Wali and his wife start to play and suck my big tits. I’m wondering how far I’m going to let this go. Wali is trying to pull my thong down but I’m too far away from him, but his wife is behind me trying to push me closer. She then grabs my thong and tries to pull it off.

Wali cums all over my hand I grab my bra put it back on and my dress and I say thank you and I leave. So much for no hanky panky. I have a message on my phone from a Mr Kim asking me if 4 is good . I call him back tell him it’s ok get directions and I’m off. I pull up to Mr Kim’s home and it huge, a mansion. I look and there’s a note Carol I’m by the pool. I walk around the house to the pool area and there’s Mr Kim laying on a massage table.

Mr Kim is older so he shouldn’t be any trouble and there’s a microwave right there to heat the oil. I walk in front of him and introduce myself and say I’m Carol. He looks me up and down and says I’m Kim. He’s naked and there’s a towel covering his butt, I spread the oil all over him and Kim moans slightly. I begin to rub his back but he stops me. He says Carol it’s my front I want massaged.

Oh boy did I judge him wrong. He drops the towel and his cock isn’t small but not big is at attention. He says Carol your beautiful I thank him and start to massage his chest and now I’m massaging his legs. He says Carol if I pay you more can I massage you. I said sure not feeling uncomfortable with this old man. I take my dress off and bra and thong and wrap myself in a towel.

I lay on my stomach and Kim pulls the towel off me. I say wait a minute and he says I want you naked. On as long as he’s paying me he’s rubbing my legs and inner thighs just missing my pussy. He’s getting me wet and horny but I won’t tell him that. He tells me to turn over and he says Carol you have magnificent tits. He starts to out oil on them and he’s playing with my nipples.

He pushes my legs up and then he puts two fingers inside me. I moan and he starts pumping his fingers real fast in and out of me. This went on until I came and I put the towel over my face. I feel Kim’s hands spread my legs and then I feel his cock inside me. I pull the towel off my face and ask him what does he thinks he’s doing.

He says Carol I’m going to fuck you. I can’t believe he’s fucking me so there’s no way I will stop him so I tell him yes Kim fuck me. I’ve never had someone fuck me so fast like Kim. I came all over his cock then he turns me over and tells me to put my ass up in the air. I do it and I feel Kim’s cock inside my ass. Oh yes Kim fuck my ass. He’s so fast and I cum again and then Kim came inside me.

I lay there for a minute Kim grabs my hand and leads me to an outdoor shower and says take a shower with Kim. I get in with him and he’s washing me and telling me he wants to see me once a week and he wants the same treatment. I can’t believe how this little old Asian man fucked. I enjoyed every minute of it but now it’s time to go home.

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