It’s Abel

by Carol (Florida)

Well here goes. When Rocky and I moved here, we kept the landscaper who worked for the previous owners, Abel. He’s a short, Latin man with a big cock and it’s as fat as my wrist. Abel cuts our grass on Mondays, so I made sure I was naked by our pool. Abel would ride his lawnmower and I would play with myself and position myself so he could watch. I would fuck myself with a toy and I would cum so quick because Abel was watching.

Well, my big dick black neighbor, Daddy Clem was fucking me on the grass and Abel caught us. Then Daddy let Abel fuck me and they took turns. I haven’t seen Abel since. He still mows our lawn and he comes on Monday’s. Today is Wednesday and the sun is shining and its very hot outside. I’m naked and I lay on my lounge chair and put lotion on the front of my body. I love to squeeze and play with my big tits. I close my eyes as it is so relaxing out here. Then I feel a cock rubbing my mouth.

I open my eyes and it’s Abel. I said what are you doing here, today’s Wednesday. He laughs and says I knew I would catch you and you know what I want. I say please Abel not today and he shoves his cock in my mouth. Abel’s cock is nice and sweaty and I love a man who has a sweaty cock and balls. He says you suck Abel good because he wants to fuck you good Carol. Abel puts his head between my legs and starts to lick and suck my pussy. I’m so wet and Abel slips his cock inside of me.

OMG ayes Abel fuck me. He says yes Carol I’m going to fuck you so good today. I spread my legs letting Abel see how wet I am. Oh yes fuck me. Abel rolls me over and he’s fucking me doggy, my favorite. I suddenly hear another man's voice and he says Abel where are you. Abel says come back here Juan. I tell Abel ok I’m done and he says no you’re not. Juan is standing there in front of me and Abel is still fucking me. Juan is a tall, thin older man. He pulls his cock out and puts it in my mouth.

Juan too is also sweaty and I’m sucking his cock. Juan is now hard and Abel says come Juan come and enjoy Carol’s wet pussy. Juan and Abel switch and now Juan is fucking me and I’m sucking Abel’s cock. Oh yes Juan fuck me. I can’t believe this is happening, but I’m enjoying two cocks. Juan is fucking be so fast. Abel pulls me away from Juan and says ride me Carol. I grab his cock and slide down it. Mmmmmmmm I just came all over him. I’m riding Abel and Juan is playing with my tits.

Juan doesn’t have any teeth and it feels so strange when he’s sucking my big nipples. Oh yes use me make me your slut. Juan gets behind me and rubbing my ass with his cock. Oh yes In going to be DP. Juan pushes his cock in my ass and it’s driving me crazy. I turn around and say you like fucking my ass Juan. He says yes I love your ass. I cum again and I’m waiting for Juan to cum in my ass so I can have a very intense orgasm. I think Abel is getting jealous as he pushes me off him and slams his thick cock in my ass.

OMG yes Abel fuck my ass. Juan puts his cock in my mouth and cums inside. I swallow his big load and Juan says Abel I’ll meet you outside. Abel is now smacking my ass telling me I’ve been a bad girl. I ask him how was I a bad girl. Abel says you were hiding from me and you knew I wanted to fuck you again and a again. I turn and say you’re fucking me now and he Cubs deep in my ass. OMG I cum so hard. Abel pulls his cock out my ass and says now Carol be a good girl and clean my cock. I suck his cock dry.

It’s getting late and I say do you want me to cook you and Juan dinner. They both smile and say yes. I then say ok after dinner In desert. We went into the house and I cooked dinner and they took turns fucking me the rest of the night. I don’t know why I was avoiding him, but I’m going to make sure when Rocky isn’t home, Abel is fucking me. Ok so now since everyone is all fucked out, time to go to sleep and some more fucking in the morning.

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