It Started From a Shower

by maturevter (St Albans, Vermont, USA)

My brother and I after high school lived together, housing was too expensive but allowed us to explore other curiosity's. Growing up we like other growing boys would sneak curious looks at occasional nude monuments. He was a good-looking young man that always had girls around him. Once he was with me as we were riding around, he picked up a girl and I drove him to a private parking spot.

Leaving him alone he joined her in the back seat and needless to say he was getting lucky. I walked by to see if they were done and saw his bare ass pounding away between her parted legs. A sight that always stuck in my mind, needless to say he also got a glimpse of me outside the car. From then on I always wished that could be me being fucked by him.

Then one night at our apartment after a couple beers I made a bet with him and losing he claimed his prize the, right after we showered. Going in and turning the water on in the shower, I no longer than got under the water I hear the door open, surprised I ask what's wrong. He replies nothing, I locked the doors and closed all the curtains and thought I'd join you. Ok come on in I say and he removes his clothes and enters the shower, staring at his cock it was fully erect.

Wow you must really have gotten excited , he reaches for my ass and pushes me against the shower wall. Soaping my ass up he slides his hard cock between my ass cheeks, slowly sliding it up and down my ass crack. Poking a finger into my asshole he says, I thought so you're a virgin, wash up quick I would like to see if your oral is a first time also. He exists the shower, I'm waiting on your bed for you.

Turning off the shower I dry off wrap the towel around myself and join him. Pulling off the towel I climb on the bed next to him, no one can ever know about this but you and me. Responding understood. Dropping my head to his man nipples I lick and suck as I hear soft moans escape him lips. Licking lower I feel the cock head poking me in the mouth. His cock was beautiful the cock head had kind of a arrow type shape and a thick shaft, maybe 8 or so inches. I lift my head up and admire his cock as I slowly and fully stroke his cock.

Seeing his cock slit showing signs of pre cum I lick it from the soft sponge head then open my mouth and swallow as much of his cock I could. Stroking and bobbing I find I was able to get a little more in my mouth and throat, now he's pumping into my mouth giving me guidance to how he likes his cock sucked. Lifting my mouth from his cock I ask him to roll over, I have a desire to eat your ass.

Doing so I position myself between his legs and lick his asshole, telling him how good he tastes. I'll remember that damn it feels good, I spread his ass cheeks to the fullest they can go and twist and press my tongue in as deep as possible. He's starting to lose control as he moans and pumps into the bed mattress.

That's enough he says and rolls back over finish sucking me now, I want to cum in your mouth and watch it drip down your chin. I lick the head cleaning more pre cum then he presses my head down and pumps like a mad man as he's moaning so load his cumming was about to happen as the cock swells and he wows my sucking and seeing in overflow from my mouth.

After he stopped cumming he says now you roll over it's ass fucking time, if you're as good as you suck you're going to be my personal bitch from now on. Spitting on his hand he smears in between my ass cheeks, I ask him do you want me on all fours, no flat on the bed. I love flexing and relaxing over and over it give me more pleasure, getting between my legs he guides the arrow shape cock head to it's mark.

Holding my arms above my head wiggling his ass he eases in my asshole using a slow steady action. My gosh your ass is heaven, biting my neck he keeps the pace I find myself expressing how much I've dreamt of this. Oh tell me how much you love my cock he says, the more I tell him his cock seems to expand thicker. Then one last moan and he shoves his cock home getting I swear even his balls inside and the wet feeling starts escaping my asshole. He falls collapsing on my back, yes you are my bitch.

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