It Happened in China

by Karl (Hattiesburg, MS)

We were stationed in the Roc in the seventies.

Was the first and only Overseas assignment with family.

We were invited to a bbq.

Everyone was dressed for the hot weather.

There were the host couple and three other couple’s including us.

The host home also had a very nice enclosed Swimming pool.

We only knew the host who we met about a month ago at The 63 club.

Everything was going really well and we had plenty of beer and mixed drinks.

After eating and ever one helped with cleaning up.

We were all standing around the pool feeling good and very relaxed.

Someone pushed a couple into the pool and soon we all ended up in the pool.

We all got nude and spread out clothes out to drive and we all ended up back in the pool.

Soon there were a lot of kissing and touching.

At the time us and one other couple did know that the host and the other couple were swingers.

The host and his wife came up to wife and I telling us they Were swingers.

He had a hard on and worked his way around to my wife’s side letting his hard dick brush on wife’s leg and continued around to her back side letting his hard dick rub on her and put his cock into her crack.

He quickly was playing with her breast tricking her nipples.

Look around and the other couples were playing with each other.

All the time he and his wife were telling us about wife swapping and having sex was so good.

His wife was sucking wife’s nipples also.

He wife came to me and started playing with my hard dick.

Soon everyone was on the pool side engaged in sexual play.

In those days women had hair on their pussy.

He was eating my wife’s hairy pussy and she was moaning with pleasure.

His wife had my dick in her mouth giving me a blow job.

He kissed his way up my wife’s body she spread her legs and he put his nine inch cock on her pussy lips and she really moan loud then he slowly pushed his dick deep into her pussy and began to fuck her hard and she kept telling him to “fuck me” it was so fucking hot to see her fucked.

His wife lay on her back and spread her legs and I quickly put my dick into her hot wet pussy and fucked hard.

We traded Wives until we had fucked all the wives and we fucked bareback all the wives were on birth control and two of us men were fixed.

This was our first time swinging and we enjoyed it. We both now fuck and eat pussy and suck cocks.

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