Introduction To Male Love

by Shawn (WA)

“Ohhhh …” Brian moaned as he felt his uncle’s hard thick penis penetrating his tight butt hole, enthralled to be receiving his man love.

His Uncle Rick smiled. “It feels so good to be doing this with you,’ he said, enjoying the pleasure of having his dick in his young nephew.

It had only been two weeks since he had introduced Aaron to such male intimacy, and this was just the third time that he enjoyed the pleasure of fucking him like this. The first time of course he had taken things slow and easy with his nephew, not rushing, but taking his time to let Aaron experience male love. He had let Aaron see his large stiff penis, to feel it, and then to take it in his mouth.

Then he had done the same to Aaron, sucking on his erect penis while gently pushing his finger into his untried butt hole to further stimulate him. Aaron had loved it. Enough, that he proceeded to next slowly and gently push his boner into his butt, going in all the way.

Aaron had tensed as he felt his butt hole stretching around his uncle’s thick hard dick, and he had waited for him to feel comfortable accommodating his maleness. Only when he had, he proceeded to fuck him with his dick, doing so for two full minutes before he ejaculated his semen into him. Aaron had indeed been enthralled.

That morning they had both smile after getting naked and having a boner together. Doing so with a shared delight.

“Oh, Uncle Rick … you dick feels so big and good,” Aaron breathed .

“You make it big,” Uncle Ric said. “And I like having my dick in your butt. I like fucking you.”

“Oh, yes … fuck me,” Aaron practically begged.

Again and again he felt his uncle’s hard dick fucking into his butt hole, sinking repeatedly deep into his anal sheath, amazed that sex was not just something to be experienced with a female alone. That a guy could fuck another guy with just as much passion and love.

The large swollen, mushrooming head of his uncle’s dick as a like a plunger working in and out of him, exciting him unbelievably and making his own penis enormous rigid with its stiffness.

“Oh … I’m going to cum” Aaron gasped, surprised.

“You just cum,” his uncle said. “You just cum while I fuck you.”

Aaron gasped as the semen rocketed from his boner with an incredible intensity. His white liquid shooting out in repeated streams.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Aaron panted helplessly as his naked body trembled and his butt hole gripped his uncle’s boner.

“Oh, yeah …” Uncle said breathed. “Yeah …”

Then in that next moment his penis was ejaculating, his organ throbbing as it discharged his sperm wetly into his nephew with a male satisfaction.

Once more Aaron felt his uncle infusing him with his sperm and that felt so wonderful in that he could nakedly succeed in sharing the reproductive process with him as another male. Nothing could be better.

His uncle sighed heavily and smiled at him and Aaron smiled back, pleased and proud. He was so thankful for his uncle introducing him to male love.

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