Intimate Friends

by Kevin (SC)

Cody loved the boners that he always got with Denny. They were always the biggest and stiffest, almost to the point of being painful. Not that he mined having his dick ache like that with his friend. And the boners that Denny got were just as exceptional.

The two of them had been friends for about a year, and for the last six months it had been fun and easy to let their friendship have a bisexual side to it. Admittedly neither had much experience with that, but with each other it had been fun learning.

Cody had come over to Denny’s place that morning and without hesitation they had taken off their clothed to enjoy the luxury of being naked together as friends and as just guys. With one another there was a teasing sense of romance and they had kissed and held each other, with each quickly achieving an erection. It felt so good to let their feelings showing in such a pleasingly male way with each other. It felt good being personal like that.

Without a word, right there in the small kitchen of his place, Denny had produced a small bottle of lubrication, and Cody knew what to expect. The truth was that they fucked each other, but that Cody actually preferred to have Denny in his butt doing it to him.

Cody put his hands on a convenient shelf and leaned forward, placing his bare feet apart on the smooth floor. Denny stepped up behind him and, taking a hold of his erection, he guided the swollen had of his hard dick up to Cody’s butt hole. Then applying a gently pressure, he pushed his penis into his friend’s willing anal sheath.

“Oh, yeah …” Denny breathed and Cody murmured with the insertion.

Denny began to pull his erection back and push in with a smooth repetitive action, easily fucking his hard dick into his fiend’s butt. It was so rewardingly all-male and so wonderful for them to be that way with each other. It was no secret that lots of perfectly straight guys enjoyed male sex just for that reason, and Cody and Denny liked to experience it with one another.

“Man, you dick’s hard,” Cody said, feeling Denny’s masculine length penetrating his sensitive butt hole, with its curved length filling his anal sheath.

“All the better to fuck you with,” Denny laughed. That he could sue his penis like this with another guy, that they could engage in the reproductive act together as guys, was so unbelievable, and nature made this quite possible. A guy’s butt could accommodate another guy’s erect penis perfectly.

Cody’s own boner was almost agonizing as its stiff length thrust out from between his legs and he loved it.

Over and over Denny slid his hard boner into his friend, fucking him with delight.

“Yeah … yeah …” Denny panted. “Oh, Cody it feels so good to fuck you.”

“Oh, Denny … I love having you fuck me.”

Cody turned his head and they kissed and it was quite passionate, and in that moment they were truly lost in their feelings for each other. If either had felt that passion for other males in general they both would have been gay. But just feeling that way toward one another as friends kept it bisexual as it was for so many guys.

Denny looked down and savored seeing Cody’s butt hole stretching around the stiff circumference of his erection, with the slick film of lubrication allowing his insertions to be smooth and effortless. He felt the now enormously swollen head of his reception being teasingly caressed again and again by the inviting softness of his fiend’s anal sheath.

It was fun an exciting doing this like they were right there in the kitchen. Denny’s house was fairly secluded so it was unlikely that anyone would see. But just the idea and even the slim possibility that someone might see them fucking like this together as guys was thrilling.

Everybody had a little bit of exhibitionist in them, and it was fun to flaunt that. Although they were discrete about their activities, both of them none the less felt proud that they could have such a good friendship which included sex.

Right then Denny was fucking is friend’s male body with exuberance, sinking his male organ into him as far as it would go each and every time.

“Oh … I’m going to cum!” Cody gasped.

Suddenly his excitement was culminating in an ejaculation as his semen shot in rapid pulses, hitting the wall two feet away, and sliding wetly down.

“OHHHH! OHHHHH! OHHHHHH!” Cody vocalized as his erection spontaneously took charge.

Denny loved making Cody cum like this and it often happened.

He fucked his dick into Cody just a little faster and suddenly he was ejaculating too, pumping his semen into his friend and giving him his sperm. Even without fertilization, his biological infusion was just as significant.

Oh, God! Denny thought. He was fucking his sperm into his friend again and loving it!

He let his boner pulse repeatedly deep inside of Cody to completion.

Then their sexual interaction was over.

Denny withdrew his penis and they smiled at one another over their shared intimacy and kissed.

“I can’t believe how good it is doing that with you,” Cody said.

“Friends should definitely fuck,” said Denny. He grinned. “You know … it’s been a while since you fucked me.”

Cody grinned back. “Well … we could have a cup of coffee and then I think that I could take care of that. I could put my dick into your butt.”

Denny smiled, liking that idea.

They had their cup of coffee, doing so quite nakedly and enjoyably. Then twenty minutes later, as Cody felt himself easily getting a boner, with his penis sticking up in a telling show, he happily proceed to fuck his sperm into his friend. It was wonderful.

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