Interesting Life After My Accident: Pt 1

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

I really enjoy snow skiing BUT the last trip was not good for me at all! I was coming down a Triple X Black Slop when I lost a ski and crashed into a tree! My hospital stay was crazy, but the worst was that I was kept in diapers as I seem to have lost my bladder control. But because of the CRASH I also had some brain swelling which caused minor damage which had caused me to lose some of my fine motor skills and my ability to think clearly. The doctor gave my wife some medicine to help with the brain swelling but told her it could and would take some time IF things were to get back to normal.

My wife was very loving to me and helpful so once I was released to come home she said she wanted to work with me and get me out of my diapers. SO she would get me up every night and try HER method of getting me to pee. First she would turn on the water tap which to her credit seemed to signal my body to pee. But then she would pull down my underwear and take a hold of my penis with her thumb and her forefinger.

I enjoyed her holding my penis and did even more when she was becoming impatient as she would use her fingers to wiggle my penis, even jerking it in and out trying to get me to start peeing. As time went on, I remember really enjoyed these mini hand jobs from my wife. I was shocked when she didn’t get me up one night and of course I peed the bed.

She tried several times, taking breaks I guess to see if I had grown out of my bed wetting. So those nights I wake up, pee my bed and then go and wake up her up so she change my bed sheets. The other quirk was that my wife would get me to pee and then she would lift her night dress, set on the toilet and piss AND sometimes shit right in front of me!

The summer before my accident, my wife and I took a trip to Colorado for a weeklong vacation. We of course saw all the great sights in that state, even driving up to Pikes Peak! One day out there my we stopped to help a man that had a flat tire. He seemed like a nice man and we both really hit it off. I remember telling him if he ever got to Kansas City to give us a call.

Later that summer I heard my wife taking about this same man coming to Kansas City to look for work and of course she told him to come stay at our house. Once he arrived she put him in my bedroom as there were twin beds. (Ok let me explain, yes I was sleeping in a separate bedroom from my wife as she didn’t like the feeling or the smell of piss soaked bed sheets!) Since my Wife needed to get back to work Richard was home alone with me.

That very first morning, I felt someone holding and rubbing my penis. When I opened my eyes Richard told me he was just checking to see if I had pissed my panties. He then told me to get up and he would help me go pee. Once in the bathroom I was amazed as Richard told me to stand there and watch as he would show me how to piss like a man! He told me I must have forgot how to piss like a man from my crash so he continued my retaining!

Sure enough he pulled his large cock out and held it with his left hand. It looked strange as he had foreskin hanging off the end and I saw his piss coming out this hidden opening. He told me to watch as he held his “cock”, as he called it, with his hand so he didn’t miss the toilet water and piss on the floor. He then told me to take hold of it with my hand so I could see how to best aim the piss stream. Once I did get a grip on his cock he told me I was holding it too loose so I tighten my grip.

Next he told me I was squeezing it too much and told me to loosen my grip but continued to keep it in my hand. I guess I was not really thinking about his peeing because I realized I was still holding his cock and one of his hands was one his hip and the other was on the top of my head. The strange part was Richard wasn’t peeing anymore yet I was still grasping his cock. When I started to remove my hand Richard told me to keep my grip on his cock because I needed MORE practice properly holding a cock.

Finally Richard told me it was my turn to piss and that I should pull down my pajama pants and then my panties. I told Richard that I didn’t wear panties. I heard Richard laugh as he told me that after an accident like mine all men wore panties especially if they had a little penis like mine! That’s when I realized that Richard still hadn’t put his cock back into his pants and that it was sticking straight out looking bigger than I remember it.

I obeyed Richard and once my pajamas and panties were pulled down Richard told me to set down on the toilet so my piss would hit the toilet water. As soon as I set down I found my mouth was right against his cock. Richard told me to set still and focus on my piss hitting the water! When I tried to speak his cock was setting right on the edge of my lips! I told Richard it was hard for me to pee like this. Richard told me to keep to keep trying to piss and just push his cock out of the way.

I tried to push out with my tongue against but finally his cock slipped between my lips then into my mouth. I thought Richard was peeing more because his cock was all wet and slick. After I had peed Richard told me I did good and he would help me practice each night and day until I could piss on my own! I sat there for several minutes, with his cock in my mouth before he pulled it!

The next morning I felt a hand holding my penis and saw Richard knelling on the floor. Again he told me he was checking to see if I had pissed my panties, without letting go of my penis. Before I could say anything about me not wearing panties Richard told me it was cold and for me to get into bed with him. He said that my panties felt a little wet so I was to take them off. Leaving me only in my tee shirt, I crawled into bed and Richard pulled me up against him. While it felt good to be hugged it also felt funny because there was something sticking between my butt cheeks.

Richard started asking me about our farm and told me to tell him all about it. When I stopped talking Richard would ask me something else. This entire time though, I continued to feel that hard thing sticking between my butt cheeks. Finally I heard Richard moan and I felt something really big and wet slide up against my butthole. Richard told me just to lay still and he would HELP me clean up MY mess up later.

Richard had me get in bed with him each morning of that week after my wife left for work but didn’t seem to want me to get into bed with him on the weekends. But none the less Richard started a new game after the first week. He told me he wanted to see how my reactions were improving. So he had me lying next to him and he would place a finger in front of my mouth and tell me to see if I could grab it before he could pull it away. I thought this was such an easy game because I was able to take his finger into my mouth each time we played.

Finally Richard told me this was too easy because I could see his fingers so he told me to get under the covers and then see how good I was at this game in the dark. Funny thing was once I got under the covers Richard pushed me between his legs and told me NOW TRY and see if it was such an easy game! Sure enough on the very first try I caught his finger sucking it into my mouth.

Only his finger now was soft and it seemed bigger that it did before. I kept his FINGER in my mouth and then Richard told me to let him go and he would let me continue our game but now he wanted to see if I could get more of his finger into my mouth as the game continued! My very next turn I quickly captured his soft finger and I kept taking more of it into my mouth. I heard Richard tell me to suck on his finger and that might help me get more of it into my mouth.

Sure enough that worked great and I ended up filling my mouth. I was still amazed how big his finger was now and how it was so deep in my mouth without me sucking anymore. I also notice that I was feeling that same wetness that I had felt between my legs but now in my mouth and into my throat! Richard told me that I was too good that his game so let’s stop playing it for today. What a surprise I got when Richard flipped the covers back and I saw his cock, not his finger, right in front of my face!

Each night Richard continued taking me to our toilet to help me pee with me holding is cock and aiming it at the water while he pissed. Each night he would leave his cock out and as I sat down on the toilet he always pushed his cock in front of my mouth. Once I started sucking Richard’s cock at pee time, our morning Catch It with Your Mouth game went by the way side.

I now knew that it was Richard’s cock I was sucking into my mouth so from then on I would crawl up into the bed but now from the bottom under the sheets. Richard seemed to still be sleeping but his legs were always open wide apart and I could easily get up to where I could suck his cock into my mouth! I remember it was the towards the end of his second week when I felt that warm sticky stuff flow into my mouth! I knew that Richard was awake because just as his wet sticky stuff shot into my mouth, he took ahold of my head and kept his cock inside my mouth. I really liked our new friend Richard.

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