Inspired Guys

by Dan (CA)

They two of them had decided to go skinny dipping in the small stream. It was summer and the weather was hot, and with nobody around, that was a great way to cool off.

Only as they sat there, Karl had started to get an erection. There had been nothing he could do to prevent it nor to try and hide it.

While getting a boner might have been somewhat embarrassing although understandable being naked like the two of them were, Karl was completely embarrassed by the outlandish extent of his arousal.

His dick was absolutely huge and stiff, to the point where the mushroom head was expanded to a smooth and shiny shade of deep blushing pink.

Although as he looked over and saw that Aaron was having an erection too, and one that was every bit as big and straining, he could only grin.

“Geez!” Aaron said, rolling his eyes, “I’m glad there’s no one around!”

Karl laughed. “Well, there isn’t.” He then teasingly remarked, “Can’t two friends have a boner together if they feel like it?”

Aaron laughed too as he observed the clearly exaggerated measure of their boners. “Man! Are we really have one!”

Karl laughed as well. “It just shows that we liked each other.”

They both smiled, enjoying their naked male openness.

“We must,” Aaron replied. “I never had a boner with another guy before.”

“Either have I,” Karl confessed. “But it des feel kind of good having one with you.”

“I’m enjoying,” Aaaron said back.

They smiled at one another, and then, because it seemed like the thing to do, they both leaned over and did a small and gentle kiss on the lips.

Then, feeling brave, they each reached out to take a hold of each other’s boner and they started to masturbate one another. It felt so good handling each other’s naked maleness like that, it was so satisfyingly male.

They sat there together for the next several minutes enjoying the pleasure of stimulating each other’s immense erection, watching as the swollen tips became as swollen as they possibly could be, stretching the hole wide open.

“Geez, your dick feels good,’ Aaron said.

“So does yours,’ Karl said back.

They kissed again, this time allowing the lips to press together fully and wetly. As they did, they both started ejaculating.

Their semen shooting out in repeated surges of male intensity, going all over each other and making their hands slippery wet with each other’s fluids.

The fact that they were sharing their sperm was so wonderful and exciting and so satisfying.

Suddenly being able to express their feelings of friendship like this in such a loving way was incredible.

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