Infusion Mommy

by Dani (VT)

“Oh, God, yes!” Diedre thought as she lay there naked on the bed beneath her son, with her thighs up around his hips, feeling his stiff male organ penetrating her vagina.<

She had been divorced for only six months, and her she was, actually doing it with her son. They were fucking and she loved it.

This had not been planned of course.

He had come over to see how she was doing, and they had talked and she had admitted that actually she was so happy now that the divorced was final, and Tommy had been happy for her, too. He knew that his parents had a rocky marriage, and he had never gotten along very well with his dad. Because of that, he and his mom had always been close and they had enjoyed that in their relationship.

While they were talking they had been aware of this closeness and how this inspired a desire to be more open in expressing their feelings of affection. Teasingly, and quite enticingly, presenting them with the thought of being intimate.

Quite recklessly they had found themselves getting naked and filled with a shared sexual desire.

Tommy found his outstanding erection like a love instrument as he pushed it into his mom’s hairy and wet and willing vagina.

“Oh, Tommy!” she panted. “It feels so good having you in me!”

“Oh, mom!” he said as he fucked her, pumping his hard boner in and out of her wet vagina with a forceful stroke.

‘Oh, God! Oh God, Tommy, I’m going to cum!”

Diedre choked and gasped.


It was so incredible fucking his mom to an orgasm.

She writhed on the bed, holding him tightly, her legs around him, his male body in her female body exciting her. It was such unparallel excitement that it was her own son’s penis that was in her.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH … OHHHHHHHHHHHHH …” she vocalized uncontrollably and pushed her hips up against his so his stiff penis was in her as far as it could possibly go.

Tommy was thrilled by his mom’s sexual behavior, and having his hard boner in her felt so good.

At last the spasms of her orgasm eased and she lay there never having felt so desirably naked and so sexual in her entire life as she did at that moment.

“Oh. Mom … mom …” Tommy was panting.

The he grunted as his penis ejaculated.

“Uh! Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhh!” he groaned in unison with the throbbing pulses of his semen coming out and doing so deep in his mom’s vagina.

“Oh! Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Diedre said as she felt her son ejaculating in her, and at the same time realizing that he was doing so quite without any protection whatsoever. It was just so compelling and so satisfying to have him putting his sperm into her like this. It made her feel so completely like a woman, and it was unbelievably that it was her son’s sperm filling her vagina. “Oh, god, Tommy … do it in me!”

It was so gratifying for Tommy to feel his reproductive liquid filling his mom in repeated wet pulses.

For both of them, their having sex and his ejaculating in her vagina put everything and his father behind them and there was a wonderful freedom in that.

They both laid there and it was several long moments before Tommy slipped his penis from her vagina. Nakedly they then laid there together feeling close.

Diedre sighed, recovering her senses as they both were.

“I hope that you didn’t just get me pregnant,” she mentioned.

Tommy looked at her, surprised.

“Well, I’m not on the pill or anything,” she revealed.

‘Mom … I didn’t know,” Tommy said with concern showing on his face. “If I had …”

Diedre responded with something of an uncertain smile. “It’ll be okay,” she said, although hardly convinced of that herself. She gave him a loving look an touched her fingers to his face. “I wanted to you to cum in me. I wanted to feel that. I wanted it to be complete.”

“But …” Tommy said. “What if you do get pregnant?”

Diedre did something of a small and amused laugh. “Then you’ll have a son or a daughter … and a baby brother or sister. And I’ll have a son or a daughter and a grandson or granddaughter. It won’t be the end of the world.”

Tommy was surprised by his mom taking this so well.

“But,” she added, “it feels so good to have your sperm in me.”

They kissed, their lips pressing together.

It was a week later when Diedre started her period, not really expecting to, and being accepting of the idea that her son had probably gotten her pregnant. Especially since, having done that the first time, they had fucked two more times without protection. Even Tommy had begun to accept this idea. For both of them the idea of having a baby together was not unappealing.

When she told him, of course this was good news. Although, there was at the same time a sense of disappointment. They both felt this.

“I know,” Diedre said. “We did it three times together without protection … and I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.”

“No,” Tommy agreed. “I suppose that it’s a good thing.”

“It’s probably for the best,” she agreed. “Although the idea of you getting me pregnant was a wonderful one.” She smiled modestly and shook her head. “I know … stupid. It’s just a mom thing. But the idea of you fertilizing me is quite exciting.”

Tommy grinned. “well, I could fertilize you right now if you want,” he teased, presenting her with the offer of his putting his sperm into her vagina again.

She gave him a playful smirk. “Probably best if you don’t. I’m going to get back on the pill, and then we won’t have to worry about it.”

“Like you said,” Tommy sighed, “probably for the best.”

They both smiled over the fact that their sexual relationship was going to happily continue.

This story was inspired by the one which I read on here, and which has very real significance for me, as my son and I very much went through this. It was all quite crazy! Yes, I had unplanned and unprotected sex with my son and we both faced the possibility that he had gotten me pregnant. This turned out not to be the case, which was probably for the best.

Although I confess that even now I have this secret desire to be impregnated by my own son’s sperm. I suppose that it is just a mom thing. And of course this does not realistically address all of the complications – such as how do you tell your son or daughter, and grandson and granddaughter how they came to being? To say nothing of the biological concerns posed by mother-son reproduction. Alas, all things best to be avoided.

And yet, to think of my belly swelling with my son’s baby it only too tempting.

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