In the Woods

by Dennis (Bournemouth, United Kingdom)

One summers day I was in woods with a mate of mine near to where I lived. We were both 18 at the time and regularly wanked each other off. Thats all though we ever did just wanked each other off.

We were playing with each other's cocks this particular day when two older men I'd say in their early 50s saw us and just stood there looking at us. My mate who was always timid pulled his zipper up and ran off.

I stayed there still with a hard on and one of the men asked would it be ok if he touched me. I said yes and he said not here though ,follow us and we will go deeper into the woods so we won't be disturbed.

I put my hard cock away and although a bit apprehensive but really horny, I followed the two men as they were taking me yes deeper into the woods. We got to a spot that was away from all the other paths surrounded by high bushes and trees.

I'd never been to that spot before and then one of the men asked if I was ok and still up for letting them touch me .I said sure and he asked me if I'd strip .I was a bit reluctant at first but he said its ok no one comes to this part we won't be disturbed and we won't see anybody else here so I then stripped for them both.

They then asked me to lie down on the grass which I did and they then lay down next to me ,one either side of me. Then the touching started but they didn't take their cocks out.

They both started kissing me, wanking me slowly and then one of them started kissing my neck then my chest all the way down my tummy and down to my cock .Honestly it felt amazing and then he took my cock in his mouth and was sucking me.

I'd never had that done to me before. His friend then started gently rubbing my back and he also started going lower all the way down to my bum. He then started kissing my bum cheeks and then my crack and then his tongue touched my bumhole and again id never had that done ever but it was a fantastic feeling.

He then touched my bumhole with his finger and that also felt so nice .They were so gentle both of them I have to say and still they didn't take their cocks out. Me I was in heaven.

One of the men then said just lie there today and let us take care of you and if you want and like ,well we can always meet up again if I wanted to and to tell them if I'm enjoying what they're doing to me.

I said yes, I'm really enjoying what you're both doing to me and yes I'd love to meet the two of you again. When I said that they then sort of really started doing lovely things to me .The man sucking me asked me to open my legs for him and he then really started sucking me wanking me and kissing my balls and insides of my thighs.

His friend was really tonguing my bumhole and then put a finger right in my bumhole, right in and then started going in and out with his finger. I will honestly say no one has ever done that to me before and I couldn't stop wriggling.

Even my legs were shaking of their own accord but it felt so wonderful. The man fingering my ass said to his friend I have a lovely ass and his friend said good. They both said they were going to make me cum and I said I'd love to.

They carried on doing what they were doing to me and then I did cum and wow I'd never ever cum like that before. I actually yelled out as I cum in one of the men's mouth. He swallowed it and I have to say they made me cum lots.

The other man still had his finger in my ass as I was cumming and I could feel my bumhole really like tightening as I cum on his finger as he whispered lovely ass. My face felt like it was on fire.

They both asked if Id enjoyed it and asked me to meet them again and of course I agreed. I did meet them and they took me to their house and I got to touch their cocks and we did other stuff but too long to describe here.

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