In the Pool

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

Mum surprised me by saying she wanted to learn to swim....

"We have a Pool so why not teach me, you’re an instructor, so, instruct and I will be your obedient pupil."

So we began. My Mum is a 45 year old woman, well built, stacked in fact, pretty faced big boobs flat tummy, lovely big round arse and a pair of full shapely legs. I openly appraised her when she came to the poolside, it made me wonder how Dad could stand his constant absences abroad on business.

Mums swimwear was not in any way revealing but it certainly showed of her curves. We got into the pool and I showed her to immerse herself and try to hold her breath for as long as she could, and so on.

We carried on like this for several days and gradually she gained confidence, even taking her first effort of floating on her back which was made easier, obviously because of her big boobs.

I particularly noticed Mum nipples stood out quite perkily as she floated and also the fact that her wet costume clung very proactively to her crotch thus showing her 'Camel toe' with it eye catching slot.

We progressed into our second week before I told her we were going to go to practicing actual swimming strokes and coordination etc. In the water which was at the four foot depth I got mum to try laying forward as I cupped her chin and at the same to let her legs float naturally.

While I helped by supporting her with my free arm under her thighs, her rather silky soft well turned thighs. s she obeyed my instruction to Doggy Paddle, I moved my arm right up her thighs until I was supporting mum under her hips with her pubic bone resting on my wrist.

Mum never flinched when this occurred not even during our following day when I encouraged her practice the Breast Stroke I had shown her. Still cupping her chin and with my arm under her hips she began awkwardly to carry out the movements and by degrees due to the way she moved, my hand was actually on her pussy mound. I expected Mum protest but she made none at all, and so we carried on until I ended the session.

That evening over dinner, Mum asked how she was doing to which I replied that she would swimming on her own in a few days, which delighted her, no mention of my very 'accidental' intimate touching of her pussy, mum sad she was really enjoying learning and I was a good teacher, (this with a twinkle in her eyes and a curious smile).

My dirty mind right away went into overdrive and as usual that familiar sensation in that area between my balls thrilled to it, my brazen probing had titillated my Mum, obviously she was welcoming my actions and wanted to go a step further, so as we finished dinner I told her our final session would be tomorrow and I’d let her try swimming freely.

Next day at the pool mum cane out in what was supposed to be a swim costume but was not really enough to conceal her feminine attributes, her big boobs were barely held in the bra type top and the ridiculous excuse for the thong type bottom left nothing unviewable with rich brown tendrils of pubic hair escaping profusely from waist and leg sides and the so called gusset was being eaten by Mums pussy.

Unconcerned, Mum slid into the pool quickly followed by me and my rapidly thickening male appendage. I took my time before I again managed to get my hand on Mums mound and after a minute or two I was pressing my thumb gently into her cleft.

I was in effect fingering my Mother, quite openly and impudently and as far as I was concerned she was blatantly enjoying the fact that it was ME, her son teasing her so very incestualy.

Suddenly Mum gasped loudly and groaned then whimpered, " Oh Lord, Cramp, cramp in my leg, son" Quickly I drew her to the poolside and struggled to help her out before laying her on the tiles and massaging the affected thigh. As her cramp faded I made to stop my massaging but Mum said not to.........

"I like to be massaged, my dear, and you have such nice hands, I think I'd rather enjoy a full body massage by you, if you think you like doing it for me"

My heart leapt at the thought, I could strip her silly so called Bikini off, lay her on a bath sheet covered table and go to work on her totally naked body.......

Part 2 follows

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