In the Beginning

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

It started almost a year after my dad jumped ship on us all and left us for a younger woman. My older sister moved in with her boyfriend and our brother enlisted in the Navy. So that left mum and me to get along as best we could. Money was not a big problem, we both had pretty good jobs, Living together was a bit of a problem privacy wise, but we managed things in a sort of 'ragged' way, skirting around the odd awkward clashes of invasion of privacy.

At 45, mum was a striking woman of medium build, attractive, Auburn haired, Grey eyes, full Bee stung lips. She was full figured, curvaceous, big heavy jiggly boobs, slightly curved belly and a magnificent curved arse supported on twin well-formed man crusher thighs neat ankles and small almost dainty feet. I couldn't figure out my dad dumped her

So, A year in, I'm 18 in the bathroom shaving, I'd had a shower and made plans to go and watch cricket at the local ground, then came a knock on the bathroom door......

"Mum, I'm shaving, hang on for a bit."

"Son, I need to go, please, I'm bursting."

"Mum I told you I'm shaving, I'm naked mum."

"Just open the bloody door or I'll pee out here on the floor, Please son! I'm starting to dribble..."

I unlatched the door and mum barged past me to drop onto the loo, yanking her sleep pants down as she did so, they did look a bit wet. Like me mum was naked, it shocked me to see her thus, I had never actually seen her like it before. She sighed loudly and heard the loud powerful rush of pungent piss bubbling into the water under her.

It was enough, the sight of my mum, naked and vulnerable, sitting wide legged on the loo, wet panties around her ankles had it effect, my cock filled with hot blood, it thickened and grew to its full 10.5 inches, fully suffused and straining, curved and jutting up at the ceiling of the bathroom.

"Must you, in front of me, that's disgusting, you're forgetting I'm your mother, that's so perverted boy, I'm ashamed of you and what you're thinking."

Saying this my mum stood up and bent to pull up her panties, ignoring how she had dribbled in them, but in doing so she was fully exposed in all her feminine glory, her swaying tits with heir thick nipples, set in rosy aureoles. A glance downwards revealed a thicket of rich brown pubic hair, wild and unkept, and thought about what was concealed, my cock leapt rhythmically at the thought of a close intimate view.

Mum pushed past me one nipple tits brushing my chest while my cock briefly stroked across her soft belly, then she slammed into her bedroom out of my sight. Try as I might, I couldn't rid myself of the image of my mum stark naked bestie me and sitting on the loo, pissing. In my room I started getting ready to go out when there was a tap on my door, it opened and my mum padded in, barefoot and wearing her fluffy dressing gown. She stood facing me.........

"Son, I shouldn't have reacted the way I did, it was just nasty and uncalled for. I suppose I should feel flattered when you started getting a stiffy but I felt I needed to be a bit defensive and over respectable.....being you Mum that is"

"Forget it mum, it was seeing to naked and vulnerable that turned me on, I'm really sorry mum, truly."

"Am I forgiven then son"?

"Oh mum don't be silly, of course you are"

Mum leaned in gave me a little peck of affection, just at the corner of my mouth. Then she stood back, there seemed to be a roaring in my ears, we both looked deeply into each other's eyes, then.........

We were in a clinch, holding each other tight, pressing against each other and kissing passionately, hand scrabbling at what little clothing we wore. I dragged mums robe off, she was naked, she tore off my shirt then bent to push my boxers down.

My iron hard cock sprang up, mum gasped and sank to her knees and with trembling fingers touched and stroked the threatening organ before shyly taking the swollen shining knob into the wet heat of her mouth and took as much else as she could deep into the back of her throat. I came helplessly, spurting spunk copiously which she swallowed eagerly.

After a moment we subsided and stood apart, breathless and a bit shocked......

"Mum....what have we done....this can't be right.. You're my mother....what do we do now"

"Whatever we've done we've done my sweet boy. I kind of think we've entered into a phase neither of us really will not want to back away from. Come to my room, come to my bed and get close to me."

Mum was very positive about what she wanted, as if she had planned it, and I only had to follow her lead which I did full of expectation and not a little hot searing lust.

End of Part 1

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