In Praise of Fat Woman

by Dan (TX, US)

I will fuck any fat woman of any age. But it was not that easy to get by one of my choice. So I kept on browsing dating sites. My choice would be a woman with big juicy cunt who would love it to be filled by my fat cock.

Joslin’s profile with a photo of bikini looked OK although older than me by about 10 yrs, in late 30s, we arranged to meet in a fast food joint nearby her address she gave me. She seemed easy going and we soon engaged with a conversation that turned into erotic preferences of ours – exchanging our sexual experience.

We walked to her place, and her big ass cheeks swayed while walking, ample boobs wobbling. My cock was already getting erect and throbbing within my trouser. I sat down in her living room and she went into her bathroom. She did not bother to close the door – I could not but watch that she leaned forward to pee giving me a view into her short skirt, saw her taking off her panties. Wow! I wanted to fuck her.

Returning to sofa, Joslin put her hands in front of her boobs and moved them up and down indicatively. She glanced over her shoulder and asked me to go behind the sofa. I put my hands on her shoulders and slid them down a little way to massage her upper body. Slowly I slid my hands down to her massive boobs, she already taken her bra off while in the bathroom. She was soft and warm and welcoming. Her nipples were huge and hard, I squeezed them, then cupped her breasts and lifted them. I paused for a few moments while she unbuttoned her dress and I resumed my task with her boobs tugging hard on the nips. She was moaning in pleasure!

She slid forward a bit, opened her legs, put her hand up her skirt and started to play with herself. Not that I could see what she was doing down her bulging stomach. And now I could smell her aroma emanating from the crotch. She now was breathing heavy and rested her head back on the sofa and she closed her eyes. As she became more aroused she clamped her spare hand over mine, urging me to squeeze and knead her hard. With her eyes closed she asked me to come in front of her.

I pushed her boobs up to expose her areolas and about an inch erect nips – all naked with mass of flesh, and my god she smelled sexy. She pushed me down ordering placing my head between her wide-spread legs. I knelt down as instructed. She started to massage her clit and stroke her tits. She reached waves of climaxes but my cock was almost bursting to fuck her. She kept me teasing!!

She suddenly stood up and wanted me to be naked. She took my hand guided to the bathroom. Both naked we stood beneath the shower cubicle. We soaped each other's body, and I washed her pussy and anus hole too. She opened her thighs wide making sure that I got to wash every fold of her pussy lips down her hanging flesh along the abdomen. She had orgasm in no time!! She was working on my stiff cock in pumping motion. I ejaculated in gushes in her hand and she rubbed it on her boobs.

My god, nice, she hissed. I lathered her bottom again to pay attention to her ass cheeks. MMmmm! she whispered, panting - push your finger into my anus. She now bent onto her knees and knelt on all fours. I slapped her ass cheeks as I pushed two fingers into her anal hole. She raised her head up in pleasure.

I slapped her ass cheeks harder and she shrieked in pleasure! She got up on her feet to face me and asked me to squeeze her nipples hard while massaging her slippery globes. She may have been fat, with ugly shapeless body but I loved it and was horny as hell and have another strong erection.

I squeezed her tits, pussy and ass cheeks as we dried ourselves, and moved to her bedroom. She looked flushed and fresh as she lied herself on her back with widened thighs – exposing all the beauty of a shaved fat-lipped pussy. I could not control my temptation and dived my mouth onto her pussy. Spreading the folds of her pussy lips I ran my tongue along the long slit – from anus to clit. The pink color within the anus looked more inviting and erotic. She urged me to push my tongue further in. I did my best and had my tongue up her ass hole as far as it would go. Then she started to say - Oh yes, oh yes, harder, deeper, until I could feel her ass hole starting to contract round my tongue as she climaxed.

Now I did not waste any more time to get my cock ready to bang her - quickly I was between her thighs and sliding my very hard and erect 7” cock into her love tunnel. Warm, silky and juicy folds of her cunt entirely engulfed my cock to its base! I started bang her – plowing her cunt, ravishing her cunt with force as if making this fat soft hole into shreds. WOW! She knows how to enjoy a fuck – thrust for thrust, grinding cock on pussy for grinds, mauling tits harder and nips bitten – she was almost insatiable sex hungry bitch in heat. And we were the best partners for this. We took some rest and I asked her to be on her four and I fucked her pussy doggie, she had another orgasm.

But I was yet to come being ejaculated earlier. I licked another hole – I slowly push my cock into her anus. Once the cock head was in I stopped – she thrust her torso back to get the length of my cock. I pushed hard this time and my entire cock went into her anus. She asked me to start fucking. We were in synch and I reached my climax within about five minutes and she came too with spurts of pees soaking her bed…. Done, both were done as we wanted!

Slightly dazed, I put my clothes on. I smelled vaguely of her piss. She thanked me and said – It was a great fun after a long time!! I left her sprawled naked on the bed.

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