In Love of Young Chubby Girl

by Anon (Canada)

I love chubby girls as they have nice butt and thick pussy. I did meet couple of them in my early 20s but could not proceed well enough with them.

I met this girl, she says 19 but looked younger, in short skirt and a white cotton t-shirt that showed her perfect bra-cupped breasts and pointy puffy nipples beneath the fabric.

I was then just started my university trimester when I met her in a local fast-food joint. We quickly got friendly. And every time I met her, I had a hard-on.

I did everything I could to be near her, and she clearly wanted me around so it wasn’t too difficult.

We often spent hours in movie house necking, petting, kissing and fondling her boobs taking off her bra and feeling her pussy through the wet panties.

Within a month I took her to my condo and explored our bodies, and often slept together, but she wasn’t going to have sex. She was saving that sweet treasure.

After a month or two of kissing, playing with those perfect 36B tits, and rubbing her crotch through her panties saturated with her juices, I started putting my hand down her mini-skirt to stroke her arse and to feel her soft-warm pussy.

She had the perfect arse, and looked great in butt-hugging skirt or jeans, so she really didn’t mind playing with her while partially dressed. The licking started after I finally got the skirt off convincing her that drawing that up her waist was no good.

At first, I would push my nose into her panties inhaling her wet musky aroma and rub her pussy lips. Then we would make out some more, but reluctant to shed off her panties!

After a week or two of this the panties came off and I would eat her pussy greedily, drenching my face in her pussy juices. She still didn’t want to let me fingering her.

That’s when I started turning her over and using her arse cheeks burying my hard cock between them to bring myself off. I loved the way she clenched her cheeks as I ejaculated hard.

I would cum all over her butt crack, and we would lie in our mess. Sometimes in the afternoon she would pull her jeans and panties down so that I could massage her pussy lips and rubbing her labia with my knob.

When she is ready enough, she would receive my cock to rub between her ass-cheeks, making it all slippery with my pre-cum, sometimes slipping my cock under and through her thigh-gap.

And of course, I would dump my load in gushes between her sweaty thighs feeling them clench my throbbing cock while I cum. I have become a pussy as well as ass-cheek lover!!

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