In Bed with my Sister

by Dave (Leeds)

For the sake of censorship we will say I was 18.

My sister Mo had split from her husband and arrived back in Leeds with her daughter. After a few weeks of us all being cramped in together she got herself a flat and moved in.

She asked me if I would mind babysitting for her one night so she could go out with a few old friends and being the dutiful younger brother I agreed.

I arrived straight from work as she was still putting on the last of her make up, Mandy her 2yr old was in bed already and out for the count.

"Thanks our kid, Mandy's in bed and she will sleep all night. There's food in if you want to make yourself something.." she said.

"Cheers, if it’s ok I might help myself later. You going anywhere good?" I asked.

"Just into town. I'm off to finish getting ready ok?" she stood up in her dress "How do I look?"

"Pretty tasty" I laughed as she did a twirl and wiggled her bum for effect, "Any idea what time you will be back?"

" stay over if you want to...?" she asked.

"Yeah maybe, go on, enjoy yourself ok" I said and she went to get the last of her outfit.

A few minutes later and she popped her head found the door "Thanks again our kid, I really need this night out. See you later on ok"

"Yeah now go and enjoy yourself" I said as she planted a peck on my cheek.

Her taxi arrived and off she went. I peeped in on Mandy who was out cold and went to make a brew.....

Getting on for 3am and I heard a car door and a few minutes later in came Mo, merry to say the least.

"Hya sis" I said as she came in, "Good night?"

"The best!!" she said "But god am i going to suffer for it tomorrow"

"Plenty of water before bed, and a good dirty fry up tomorrow and you'll be sorted" I said, "Always works for me"

"Sleeps what i need" she said "you staying?"

"If it’s ok?" i asked

"As long as you don’t mind doubling up with your sister?" she asked "That sofa won’t be any use to you and i aren't sleeping on it"

"Sure, as long as you don’t snore" I laughed.

She showed me to the bedroom and went into the bathroom as I stripped down to my pants and got into bed.

"That was quick" she said smiling as she came into the room "You got anything on in there?"

"Just your nightie" I laughed

"Liar, I don't wear one" she laughed.

She turned off the light and started to undress and a few minutes later I felt her climb in beside me, shuffle over, and drape her arm across me,

"If you want to snuggle up to me I'd like it" she said and turned over so i could feel her bum against my hip

I turned onto my side to face her and she shuffled back against me and I put my arm over her. She had kept her bra and pants on, thank god.

"It’s nice to have a warm body in bed again" she mumbled and I felt/heard her breathing change as she drifted off to sleep.

Now..I'm a guy, and this was my sister, but it didn't take long before I was sporting a decent woodie and each time I tried to keep it from nudging her she squirmed back against me....

I slid my arm from around her and placed it on her hip and she rolled onto her belly and my hand ended up cupping her bum cheek...I gave it a gentle squeeze..she moved a bit more and I now had my hand right at the top of her thigh but my fingers were on her inner thigh and she moved again and they were on her pants over her pussy.

Every slight movement and I could feel the heat of her, I gently pressed a finger against her pussy and very slowly started to rub.

She moaned and pushed back against my hand, opening her legs a little, I eased her pants to the side and gently found her clit with a finger tip. Her pussy was soaking...I rubbed the bud of her clit and listened to her moan and her breathing change as she began slowly gyrating her hips. After a while i felt her thighs grip my hand and she let out a long deep groan and then she relaxed... still asleep.

By now I had a raging hard on. I sniffed my fingers and gave them a lick, enjoying the taste.

I took hold of my hard cock and started to have a wank. I wanted so badly to bury it in my sister’s pussy....I was so horny

It wasn't long before I could feel myself getting close to cumming and my sister spoke

"Can I do that for you?"

She rolled over and put her head on my chest and i felt her take hold of my cock and pull my foreskin all the way back...I was in heaven as she lowered her head and I felt my cock in her mouth. She sucked at the head hard and i pumped my cum into her mouth and as my cock began to soften she moved back up the bed.

"Now let’s get some sleep" she said.

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