Impulsive Moments

by Dee (NJ)

It was the following morning, the day after his dad had left.

His mother and father had not gotten along for some time and they were always arguing and fighting and this time, when his dad had walked out, it seemed like the end had finally come.

“Well, since dad’s not here, we can run around the house naked,” Devon remarked carelessly and laughed.

Lyn wrinkled her nose at her son. “Do you really want to be naked with your mom?”

Devon grinned and looked a tiny bit modest over his having said that, even jokingly.

In a somewhat chased but knowing way she said, “I mean, I know that some boys like to do things like that with their mother.” Modestly she added, “And some mothers like doing it with their son.”

“Well,” Devon replied innocently, “like I said, since dad’s not here …”

“ I just wouldn’t want anybody to find out,” she cautioned.

“Nobody would find out,” Devon stated confidently.

Looking impish Lyn said, “I suppose that we could for just a minute.”

Not sure just how brave either really felt, they quickly undressed and suddenly there they were, the two of them naked together.

“Ooo,” Lyn squealed.

Devon was grinning, feeling just as surprised and modest as his mom was.

She sat on the sofa and Devon sat down beside her and they did a small affectionate hug.

“I don’t know about doing this with my own son,” Lyn said. “Although it is fun.”

“It is,” Devon agreed.

Not unexpectedly Devon felt his penis becoming visibly erect.

“Oh, Devon!” his mom said, seeing his healthy development sticking boldly up.

“Well …” Devon excused a bit sheepishly. “I feels good having one with my mom.”

“Oh, I know honey. But …”

Lyn was captivated by the sight of her son’s aroused maleness.

The smiled at each and did a kiss on the lips. As they did, Lyn let her hand easily slide down to hold and feel her son’s erection.

“Oh, that’s so stiff,” she said.

“I know,” Devon confessed, only too aware that it was.

“Are you going to take care of that in me?” Lyn questioned, looking at him in earnest.

“I’d like to,” he confessed.

A little breathlessly she said, “Okay. But do it real quick … before I lose my nerve.”

She laid back on the sofa and Devon climbed in top of her and pushed his stiff organ into his mom’s willing vagina.

“Oh, mom …” Devon exclaimed as his penis sank fully into her.

“Oooo …Devon …” she breathed.

Devon began to slide his penis in and out of her

“Oh! Oh, honey …”

“Oh, mom!” Devon said as he felt his penis becoming uncontrollably excited inside of his mom.

Suddenly he was ejaculating and his semen was squirting out forcefully in her vaginal depths.

“Oh … Oh … Oh …” Devon panted.

“Oh, honey … honey …” Lyn gasped as she held him tight savoring how good it felt to be ejaculated in.

Devon laid on top of her for a full minute, recovering, until his softening penis slipped wetly out.

“Ooo!” Lyn said with amusement when this happened.

Devon climbed off and looked at her with a disbelieving sort of sense of surprise over what they had just done.

“I really wasn’t planning to fuck,” Lyn confessed. She rolled her dark eyes. “At least you don’t have to worry about getting me pregnant.”

“That’s good,” Devon said, a little relieved to hear that.

Lyn giggled. “Did you like doing that with your mom?”

“Yes,” Devon said.

She giggled again. “I never thought that I would do that with my own son. It’s nice, though.” She looked at him and reached out to touch his face lovingly. “It was nice having you come in me.”

Devon could see that his mom was being entirely sincere.

“Maybe we can do it again, and this time I can come,” she said.

“Sure, mom,” Devon told her.

In a few minutes they were fucking again, and this time Lyn was reaching an extremely intense orgasm which took her breath away. It was just so good doing this together as mother and son.

I wanted to describe pretty much how my son and i started having sex. It really was quite unplanned but ever so wonderful. This was over a year ago and neither of us have any regrets, nor do we feel guilty or ashamded. Simply, it is just so nice for us to be making love like this as mother and son. Just wanted to share my story.

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