Impress at First Look: Pt 1

by Yani (Bahrain)

Today was the day that my life would be changed forever because the new guy in our department was to become the man of my dreams. His name is Adam, 5.7' of pure hotness, at 160 lbs. dark hair and brown eyes. A body that could make a guy cum without even trying. I'm yani , 5'6" 140 lbs. dark hair and black eyes. Athletic body brimming with sex appeal.

The day Adam began his employment with my company, he was assigned to work with me on several critical projects. His personality was jovial and kind and I think I fell in love with him that first week.

We became friends and began running together....even though it was cold we both loved to run. His ass was absolute perfection....a sculptured work of art.

He walked into work totally frustrated one day, so I asked him what was going on and he replied, "I've got to go stay at a hotel due to ruptured pipes in my apartment building so I have no water." "Adam, no worries, you can stay with me." "Are you sure, I don't want to impose." "No imposition at all, the only problem is you will have to sleep on the sofa as I only have one bedroom." "That's fine with me, it will save me the cost of a hotel.

We left work and Adam said he was going to go by his place to pick up a change of clothes, that he would be at my apartment in an hour. I hurried home, took a shower and changed. I started to get something prepared for dinner when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there he was in a pair of hot jeans and a tight fitting T shirt which hugged his spectacular body.

I just stood there staring when he said, "Dude you going to let me in?" I came out of my stupor, letting him in. "Umm, something smells good, what is it?" "I'm doing some burgers with a salad." "Hey yani, I could get use to someone cooking for me." "Really, I'm available," as we laughed hysterically. In my mind I was not kidding....I had no idea if this guy was straight, bi, or gay but after we ate I was going to find out.

We finished dinner, cleaned up, in which Adam helped me, then headed into the living room enjoying a beer and good conversation. "Adam, what's your story, are you seeing anyone?" "No, I was but it didn't work out." "Now you know my story, what's yours, are you seeing anyone?" "No, wish I was, it would be nice to have someone to share my life with." "I'm going to put some sweats on and get comfortable." He walked back to the living room in his sweats leaving nothing to the imagination, as I could see the whole shape of his cock.

"Hey Yani, you got any porn?" "Yeah I do but I don't think its the kind of porn your interested in." "Tell me what you have." "Dude its gay porn." "Yani are you gay?" "I am Bi and I would appreciate it if you kept it between us." Well lets watch it, I don't mind." I got up and put the CD began with two guys kissing, and I mean heavy slobbering kissing. They stripped and began blowing each other in a 69 position. I had seen this movie before and if he was gay, this movie would surely make him reveal himself.

"Man those guys really know how to suck cock." "That they do, have you ever sucked cock?" "Well I have never done it, but I've had guys suck me and I have to say I've been with chicks and guys, but no one can give a better blowjob than a guy." I looked over and Adam had a huge bulge in his sweats which was making me salivate. He began stroking himself and said, "Would you be willing to blow me?" "I would, if you did the same to me." "Oh I don't know, I've never done it before." "There is always a first time Adam."

It's time for bed, would you like to sleep with me instead of on the sofa?" "yeah I would." We headed to bed and we both laid there staring at the ceiling. I turned sideways facing him and he did the same. I reached over and grabbed his cock which was rock hard. "Man your big Adam." "I am a whopping 8". "Shit, I love big cocks." I took my briefs off and he did the same. I spread his legs and went to work on his 8" horse cock.

I began licking, sliding my tongue all around his huge mushroom head. He moaned and was moving his head from side to side. It didn't take long before he was spewing precum in which I greedily ate. I then started down his pole inch by inch until he was buried in my throat. I just kept him there and used my throat muscles to massage his cock.

I let his cock pop out of my mouth and looked at him, "would you like to try it?" He just looked at me then pushed me down and began licking the head of my cock, slowly he continued looking up at me for approval. He started taking my 7 inches and soon he began gagging, "take it slow buddy, you can't deep throat on your first try." He continued for a few minutes and I think he was enjoying it. I pulled out of his mouth and had him lay down.

I went back to work on him...he was moaning and kept saying, "fuck yeah". "yani, oh my gawd, I'm getting close, pull off." I continued but now I was giving him all that I had and soon he yelled, "I'm cumming. oh fuck." He came spewing bolt after bolt into my mouth and I took every drop. I finished him off and then showed him all his cum and then swallowed. "Wow, you really know how to suck cock." "I'm glad you enjoyed it." We turned over and went to sleep.

To be continued

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