Impregnating My Mom And Sister

by Wayne Scott (Dallas Texas)

Right after my eighteenth birthday my then twenty year old sister Courtney separated from her husband and moved back in with my mom and dad and me. Courtney is a slender pretty faced blue eyed blonde with gorgeous legs and has large thighs for her slender build.

I felt severely horny looking at her wearing a skimpy pair of pink shorts her first day back at home. I lusted on her all that day and late that night after everyone was sleeping I went to her bedroom in my underwear. I uncovered her and could see by the night light that she was wearing only black bikini panties and a black bra.

I started rubbing her thigh and it was soft and smooth. She was lying on her back with her legs slightly apart so I leaned over and sniffed the crotch of her panties covering her vagina and she had a musk smell mixed in with the slight smell of pee. The smell of her pussy made my hard dick throb inside of my underwear.

I moved the crotch of her panties to the side with my middle finger and inserted it all the way into her vagina. Her vagina was very slippery and creamy. I fingered her a few moments and then removed my finger and licked her cream from my finger. Her cream smelled a lot like walnuts and tasted chalky and sweet. I put my finger back into her vagina and was finger fucking her when she woke up and opened her eyes.

She didn't say anything to me and simply laid there quietly while I finger fucked her. After about a minute i started taking her panties down and she raised her butt cheeks so I could get her panties down and off. She had a pretty pussy and it was shaved smooth. She moved her thighs apart as I pulled my underwear down and off in thinking that I was going to fuck her.

But instead I started doing oral sex to her. I licked and tonged and sucked her vagina and swallowed her cream like a hungry cat lapping up a bowl of milk. I ate her pussy for about fifteen minutes while she laid there with her face flushed red and her eyes closed and she kept lifting her pussy up to my mouth. I stopped doing oral sex and put my erection between her thighs and it was right on target with her vagina.

She gasped as my erection slid into her vagina all the way to the hilt. My balls were so heavy with cum that I could feel it oozing out of my dick into her vagina so I knew i wasn't going to last long. When I started fucking her she moaned and panted and squeezed my butt cheeks while pulling me into her. I fucked her less than a minute before my dick started jumping and jerking wildly as it squirted cum into her vagina like crazy.

After my balls finally emptied I laid on her until my dick was completely soft. As I got off of her and my dick separated from her vagina I saw big gobs of my cum pouring back out of her vagina and my cum had bubbles in it. Neither one of us said anything as I put my underwear on and left her bedroom.

But after that night i went to her bedroom every night and did oral sex and intercourse with her that always ended with her vagina catching my hot teenage squirts of semen. Courtney got a pregnancy from my semen very quickly and probably had conceived that very first night that I had fucked her. She told my mom and dad and her husband too that she had gotten a pregnancy from dating.

Courtney and I fucked every night like clockwork for three months and then her husband talked her into moving back with him. I was heart broken because they lived out of state and I knew it might be a long time before I could fuck her again. She did have the baby and it was a girl. How ever prior to that I had been used to sex with Courtney so after she had left with her husband I started getting severely horny fast.

At that time my mom was thirty eight years old and a slender pretty faced blonde like Courtney and had the same gorgeous legs as Courtney. Mom wore shorts alot and I immediately started looking at her in her shorts and fantasizing about sex with her. I started going to the bathroom and getting her soiled panties out of the laundry hamper and sniffing her female scent in the crotch of her panties and masturbating to thoughts of sex with her.

The scent in mom's panties smelled exactly like Courtney's scent. I started flirting with mom and coming onto her when we were alone in the house. I purposely let her catch me masturbating so that she could see my hard dick and I would come up behind her and hug her while pressing myself against her buttocks so that she could feel my hard dick between the cheeks of her butt.

She would smile playfully at me and when she didn't tell my dad about my come ons towards her I had a feeling she would let me have sex with her. So one morning after my dad had left for work I went to their bedroom naked and got into bed with mom. When she didn't wake up i started rubbing her between her legs and when I saw her eyes open up I started kissing her lips and putting my tongue into her mouth while rubbing her between her legs.

She was hot and started responding and I removed all of her night clothes until she was naked. Mom had only a tiny tuft of blonde fuzz on her pussy and I started doing oral sex to her. She loved it and was breathing heavily and moaning and was squirming all over the bed as I licked and tonged and sucked her vagina and swallowed her tasty cream that tasted exactly like Courtney's cream had.

After several minutes of oral sex I pushed my erection Inside of her vagina and she went wild with passion and fucked the daylights out of me. I lasted only a few seconds and she moaned loudly as she felt my erection squirting out my semen very heavily into her vagina, after we had crossed that line together my mom and i had sex as frequently as two horny rabbits.

Sometimes my dad would be in the bathroom shaving and mom and i would do a quickie together and I would hurriedly empty my balls into her vagina. Well just as Courtney had done mom quickly conceived a pregnancy from my semen and dad knew that it wasn't his because he was alot older than mom and hadn't had sex with her for a few months. Dad moved out and divorced mom and after he moved out mom and I slept together.

Mom got a total of three pregnancies from my semen and gave birth to three babies we had made together all girls, mom is remarried but i still have sex with her frequently, my sister divorced her husband and moved in with me two months ago and she is now six weeks pregnant from my semen. I'm sure that my sexual relationships with my mom and sister will never end because the sex we enjoy together is just too good to ever end.

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