Impregnating Mom

by Michi (NY)

“Oh, mom … I’m about to cum,” Danny said as he felt the urgency growing within his stiff penis.

“Oh, yes, honey! Do it in me!” Barb said, eagerly wanting to feel her son ejaculating in her.

Danny slid his boner in and out of his mom’s wet pussy another half dozen times and then suddenly it was happening.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” he grunted as the semen surged from his stiff organ, throbbing nakedly out. It was so incredible giving his own mom his sperm.

“Oh, yes! Yes! Cum in me!” she told him as she felt him climaxing in her, providing the ultimate satisfaction.

Danny felt his ejaculation ending.

He looked down at his mom lying beneath him on the bed, and she looked up at him and they both smiled with a pleased sense of fulfillment as they lay there together. Now that it was over, they felt even more aware of their nakedly being engaged like this. Of how special it was for his penis to be in her like that as mother and son.

Even though people seldom talked about it, mothers and sons did have sex and this was something which was becoming increasingly more common. It was just so desirable to use sex to strengthen the natural mother and son bon that existed.

Danny at last climbed off of her and they lay side by side.

“Oh, Danny …” she said, touched her hand to the side of his face and looking at her son lovingly. “It’s so special for a mother to have her son’s sperm in her.”

“It’s special having my sperm in you, mom,” Danny said.

They kissed on the lips, lightly and affectionately and lovingly.

Then she suddenly looked modest. “I wish that you could get me pregnant.”

“Do you want me to?” Danny questioned.

“Do you want to have a baby with me?” she asked, looking at him, unsure how he would feel about that.

“I’d love to get you pregnant, mom,” he told her, finding that idea so appealing.

She beamed at him. “Then I can stop taking the pill,” she said. She smiled. “In the meantime … maybe you should practice fucking your sperm into me again.”

“Oh, mom,” Danny said with heartfelt love, “I want to fuck me sperm into you.”

Danny smiled. Like it was for so many boys the idea of impregnating his own mother was such a compelling desire, just as it was for their mothers.

A year I ago I had my son’s baby and it was a wonderful and fulfilling experience for me as a mother. My son and I accomplished this quite deliberately after some discussion. I had read that up to five percent of all unplanned pregnancies for divorced moms occur with their own sons, and that only two per cent of planned and wanted pregnancies occur between a mother and son by comparison.

I actually did want to have another baby, and when my son and I began having sex after my divorce, I realized that the desire to have my own son’s baby was very strong. I was not expecting this, but there it was. It was like a combing of my womanly and maternal instincts in a way that was quite surprising.

When I revealed this to my son, he confessed having an overwhelming desire to impregnate me. So within a month he successfully did just that. Neither of us has regretted our decision and we now have a beautiful baby boy which we are openly raising as our own. We have been talking about having a second baby.

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