Impregnating Mom

by Onya (CA)

His mom was naked and leaning back against the kitchen counter, and he as just as naked, sliding his stiff boner in and out of her wet hairy vagina. She was looking down and watching with a private sexual look on her face.

His dad and his mom had separated two months ago, and since then Tommy and his mom were often naked together around the house, enjoying the freedom of doing that as mother and son. His mom certainly had no qualms about being like that with her own son, as many mothers didn’t, and Tommy found it exciting and loved the boners that it so easily gave him. They had started to often have impromptu sex around the house and it was fun.

“I’m glad that you father doesn’t know that we fuck,” she said, feeling his stiff organ moving in and out of her womanly sheath.

“I’m glad, too,” Tommy said, able to imagine what his father would say. He would probably have his mom arrested or something for doing this with her own son. In truth, however, there were many mothers who enjoyed beings sexual with their own sons, finding that exciting and very fulfilling, and his mom was obviously one of those.

The vast majority of mothers who did were divorced, although a fait number were married women who enjoyed secretly fucking with their own sons behind their husband’s back, finding that thrilling.

Tommy had suspected that his mom wanted to have sex with him, but being married she had been reluctant to propose such a thing. Now, though, she as free to be indulgent and enjoy that pleasure with him. She positively thrilled to have his stiff boner poking between her legs and penetrating her vagina. To have her maternal instincts awaken by her sexual desires was wonderful to experience.

“That just feels so good,” she breathed, loving being so nakedly responsive to her son, and especially to be doing it right there in the kitchen. She loved how careless and wanton it made her feel.

His mom was slightly plump and full figured, which Tommy liked and found to be very sexy. She had big breasts with broad nipples stretched over their rounded ends, and they jiggled loosely flopping around with his efforts.

“Gee, mom … it feels so good fucking you.”

“I’m glad that you like being in your mom’s pussy. It feels so special for me to have your dick in me like this.”

“Oh, yeah, mom …” Tommy breathed as he watched his boner sliding smoothly in and out of her. “My dick gets so hard with you.”

“I know … I can feel how hard your dick is.”

They continued to stand there, enjoying their naked mother and son sexual interaction.

“Oh, honey … you’re going to make me cum,’ she announced.

Tommy saw the prominently erect pink knob of his mom’s clit showing through her wiry pubic hair. He reached a hand down to touch and stimulate it. He loved fingering his mom’s clit and exciting her.

“Oh! Oh, yes!” she gasped as he did that. Her hands gripped the edge of the counter as she held her legs well apart, with her bare feet planted on the tile floor. Again and again her son’s stiff penis violated her and his fingers brought her clit to the point of no return. “Uhhhhhhhhh ….” She groaned as she succumbed to her sexual release.

Tommy loved fucking his mom and making her climax like that.

She leaned back against the counter as her orgasm overtook her, spreading out from the sexual apex between her legs to run throughout her naked body.

“Oh, Tommy!” she panted. “It’s so good to be fucked by my son!”

“I love fucking you mom!” Tommy said. “I love fucking my dick in you! I’m going to fuck my sperm into you!”

Tommy stood there and let his boner ejaculate fully inside of his mom, his semen powerfully shooting out in repeated spurts.

“Uhhh … Uhhhh …Uhhhhh …” he groaned with his liquid discharge as his boner excitedly let loose.

‘Oh, honey … honey…” she breathed as she felt his hard dick doing that deep inside of her.

She was still on the pill as she needed to be, but her maternal instincts wanted so badly for him to fertilizer her and impregnate her with his sperm. It was an insatiable yearning that she had not felt for nineteen years, not since his father had impregnated her with him. And then bastard had not wanted to have any more children! Just when she was prepared t be mated again.

The both softly moaned with their now satisfied sexual release.

Tommy felt the stiffness of his penis diminishing and it slipped easily from his mom’s vagina.

“Oh, Tommy,” she said, “that felt so wonderful having you put your sperm into me. I just love that when you do.”

“I like putting in you,” Tommy admitted. “It’s so exciting to do that in my own mom’s vagina.”

Impulsive she said, “How would you feel if I stopped taking the ill? Would you like to get me pregnant?”

Tommy was surprised. “You mean it?”

“I would love it if we fucked and I had a baby,” she confessed.

“Gee, mom … that would great.”

“Well, I did forget to take it last night, and I haven’t taken it this morning …’ she said. “Maybe that’s a good start.”

“But what would dad say?”

“I was thinking that maybe we could just move away and raise it as our own. Who knows? Maybe we can have more than one baby together.” She smiled. She was feeling particularly reproductive that morning and she loved it.

“maybe we should fuck again … just for good measure,” Tommy said with a grin.

“Oh, honey you can fuck me any time,” she said, and she kissed him.

As the writer I can tell you that I had my sons’ baby, a boy, a year ago, and we are raising it as our own. I have been feeling the irrespirable urge to have a second baby with him. maybe this time a girl?

Yes, it is true, there are a lot of moms out there who want to get pregnant by their own sons and thoroughly enjoy that mother and son bond to its fullest, and I am one of them. Wish me luck on this next go around. My son is certainly looking forward to it.

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