Impregnating Aunty And Finally Making Her My Wife

by Sohan (London, UK)

I am a male aged 28yrs. I once had to visit my aunty. She was a plump woman aged 35 years who was divorced by her husband 3 years back. She was very beautiful with large 40DĎ breasts.

When I reached her home she was living alone. She did not have any child from her husband and now she was divorced. When I reached her home she greeted me and hugged me tightly.

As a result of hugging her big breasts pressed tightly on my chest and I could feel her big nipples against my chest.

We both had meals together and then went out to the market to buy groceries and other necessary household items. We returned home late in the evening. Since I was tired I wanted to sleep immediately. I went to her room and slept on her bed.

At around midnight I was awakened by a noise. When I got up I saw my aunty sleeping beside me. Her Saree had fallen from her breast and the two fleshy globes were exposed. As she was breathing the breasts moved up and down. Her red lips were juicy and very tempting.

I could not control myself and I placed my lips on hers and kissed her. Aunty woke up and pushed me off..what are you doing, I am your aunty! I did not listen to her and held her tightly in my embrace and kissed her.

She did not push me away and allowed me to kiss her lips. We kissed several times for about 5 minutes and then she (my aunt Rita) melted. She placed my hands on her breasts and told me to knead them.

I squeezed her both breasts and we kissed several times. Rita aunty then removed her blouse and petticoat. She was now only in her bra and thongs. Both her bra and thongs were black in color and looked stunning on her fair body. Her thongs were micro in size and barely covered her cunt.

I removed her bra and her breasts were released. Both globes were so beautiful that I could not control myself and I started sucking her taut hard nipples. Rita aunty removed my pant and caught my cock.

She let out a cry..Sohan when did you get circumcised? (Circumcision is not done in Hindus)Yes aunty I got circumcised 5 years back. Due to circumcision my penis head was hard and black.

The penis head was keratinised and rough. She then sucked my cock and played with my balls. I removed Rita aunty' s thongs and had a look at her cunt. This was the first time I was looking at a female sex organ.

Rita's cunt was hairless.Yes Sohan, I had got my cunt hairs removed permanently by laser therapy 4 years back on the advise of your uncle (my exhusband) Rita's cunt was very beautiful.

I kissed her cunt and rubbed her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. I also entered my tongue inside aunty's vaginal hole. We both were warmed up fully for the final act.

Rita aunty placed the head of my circumcised cock in her on the entrance of her cunt hole. She was very wet now. She moistened my dry penis head in her love juices which was oozing copiously from her love hole.

When my penis head was fully drenched with her vaginal fluid, aunty placed my penis head at the entrance of her cunt hole and told me to enter.

I pushed hard from above and my penis started entering aunt's love tunnel (vagina) Aunt pushed from below upwards and my whole penis was inside her vagina.

Since she was having sex after a gap of three years her vagina was very tight. I gripped my penis like a vice. Rita aunty was the first woman I was fucking. I started giving strokes and aunty pushed from below meeting my strokes.

Rita's cunt muscles started twitching on my thick cock. I deposited my thick semen inside aunty's cunt. We both fucked 10 times that night. I stayed at Rita's home for 15 days and fucked her daily.

She became pregnant carrying my child. Rita aunty and I married and we came to London where we are living as husband and wife. We have a daughter aged 5 years and live as a family.

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