Im coming

by JuiceyTits (Heaven)

So yesterday i told you all how my elderly neighbour destroyed me, in a good way!

Well he came back last night to return my hammer, of course im a polite neighbour, i invited him in.

He followed me through to the kitchen as i said i would make coffee.

Barely made it do the door way when he grabbed me from behind, rammed his hand down the front of my pants and began to flick my clit. His other hand on the back of my neck as he bent me over the island.

I felt him rip down my pants and he groaned in my ear 'i am returning this just where it belongs, that juicy little cunt of yours, im going to make sure you cant stand'. Just his words made me so fucking wet, let alone his fingers pulling my clit.

Without any warning or even spreading mu legs me thrust the handle deep inside me, quickly pounding me as i let out moan after moan. I could feel his cock, rock hard poking at my ass, and suddenly he was inside it, hammer handle pounding my pussy, cock ripping my ass, it qas moments before i leaned back and came everywhere, squirting harder then i ever have.

He whipped the hammer and his rock solid cock out of me, turned me around and pushed me to my knees. He fucked my mouth so hard i thought i would vomit, and as he came he pulled out and shot his load all over my face and tee shirt.

But he was sexually sedated yet, he threw me to the floor, pulled my cum covered shirt off, lifted my ass in the air, stood over me sucked my ass for a moment then i felt it again, the hammer was back in my pussy and i came instantly, it didn't stop him. He continued to ram it so deep inside me i felt the hammer head against me.

A 3rd time i came, squirting all over the floor. Ge pushed my ass back down and flipped me over, his balls in my face i couldn't resist sucking them, he knew what i wanted as he began to eat my soaked pussy. I was exhausted but i wasn't going to stop as i nibbled his balls and stroked his dick.

I could feel myself about to cum as he stopped, he moved around and began to fuck me.

'Oh god im gonna cum' i moaned loudly as he pounding me harder and harder.

Leaning over me bite my nipple hard and replied 'give it to me you slut, come on, give me it' and i did, exploding juices everywhere as he whipped his cock out of my pussy. 'Open up you little whore' he said grabbing my face and ramming it cum soaked cock down my throat, didn't take long for him to cum, once again pulling out as he did, covering my face and floor in hot thick white cum. He stood over me, 'lick it up slut, ill see you tomorrow' and he walked out as if nothing had happened, leaving me laying on the floor exhausted and covered in cum.

I know his wife is out today, i think i need to borrow some sugar.

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