I'm a Chubby Mom

by Sara horny mom (MO)

My son Ethan has a very thick ten-inch cock full of lushes thick cream.

Ethan is six foot two barefoot and weighs two hundred and five pounds.
Sandy has blonde hair and blue eyes.

My name is Ashley.
I'm his mother and his fuck slut.

I'm a fatty.

5'5" tall and 185 pounds.
Raven black hair, green eyes, fat 34 KK tits, and a fat 44" ass.

I seduced Ethan one night while we were out drinking.

I hadn't planned on it when the night started.

But, as the drink flowed and the dancing got naughtier I got hornier.

It was on the dance floor where I started and it was in my bed where Ethan finished it.

He stuck his big cock in every hole I had and banged me like a slut.

Never had any man owned me the way Ethan owned me.

But, it was when he took me in the ass that he made me his bitch.

"Get that fat ass in the air," Ethan told me forcefully with my cum dripping from his cock.

Eagerly I jumped to my knees and stuck my fat ass in the air.

Pulling my cheeks apart, Ethan buried his face in my ass and gave me a good rimming.

Then he spit on my asshole.

Lining his cock up with my asshole he pushed the head of his massive cock into my asshole.

When I went forward to escape his large intrusion Ethan grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me back to him forcing me farther onto his cock.

"My asshole!" Ethan grunted as his big dick ripped my asshole apart.

"Fuckkkkkk!" I screamed. "My asshole!"

"Take it bitch! Take my fucking cock in your fat ass!" Ethan grunted back.

"You're ruining my asshole!" I cried.

"My asshole! I own your fat ass!" Ethan grunted back as he hammered into my guts with no mercy until he rammed his entire length as deep as he could into my guts and filled me with cum.

After that, we both passed out.

I woke the next morning with my hair matted to the side of my face and my makeup smeared all over my face.

My body was sore and my asshole hurt.

I had a big hickey on my left tit and the inner side of my thigh.

I was a wreck.
A wonderful wreck.
I had never had sex like I had the night before.

I wondered where Ethan was.
I wished he was there.
But, I was glad he wasn't.
I needed a shower badly.
I stunk of cum, sweat, lube, spit, and sex.
I also needed some aspirin.
My head hurt.

It took me almost an hour to rejuvenate in the shower.

I didn't worry about a bra or panties as I headed downstairs.
A t-shirt is all that was needed this morning.

I found Ethan sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee shirtless.

"Morning." I smiled big and flirty as I entered the kitchen admiring his naked body.

"Good morning." Ethan smiled back at me looking at me over with lusty eyes.

I could feel Ethan watching me as I poured my coffee making me horny.

Leaning against the counter I took a drink of coffee and looked at Ethan.

Even as sore as my pussy was.
If he wanted to fuck me I was more than willing to let him.

Ethan turned his chair and looked at me.
I knew that look.
He wanted some pussy and I wanted to give him some.

Locking eyes with Ethan, I walked over to him.
Stopping in front of him looking him in the eye, I leaned over, unzipped his pants, and pulled his hard large cock out.

Straddling him I guided his massive cock into my now wet pussy and slowly started riding him looking in him the eye.

"My asshole hurts." I smiled at Ethan as I slid his big cock through my pussy lips.

"You are the one that offered it up." Ethan laughed as he grabbed my fat tits and started licking my hard nipples.

"You called me a slut." I said with a smile.

"I think you are the one that told me you were my slut." Ethan teased.

"It doesn't bother you I'm fat?" I asked Ethan.

Smiling Ethan bit my nipple softly.

"You gave me a rim job." He laughed.

"Yeah, I get a little nasty." I giggled as I worked my pussy back and forth on his cock.

"You have a very sexy body." Ethan smiled.

"Breed me. Fill my pussy with a big load of cum." I grinned at him.

That was almost three years ago.

Ethan fucks me better than any man ever has.

I'm his woman and there is nothing I won't do to please him.

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