If Only...

by Cindy (NJ)

My parents went their separate ways when I was eighteen.

My mom left to be with another man and after that I lived with my dad. The two of us got along really well and had a great father-daughter relationship.

He was very easy going and open-minded. I remember that first summer about a year after mom left.

The weather was warm and my dad had no problem with me being nude around the house, so I frequently was. It was fun and much cooler doing that.

I had a girlfriend who would come over and she liked to be nude too, so we often were.

She never got to do that home and she thought it was fun and my dad had no problem with the two naked girls running around.

She was a little shy about dong that in front of my dad, but I could tell that she also liked it.

Just for fun her and I started kissing, more or less just to see what it was like, and we would sit naked in my bedroom kissing.

It didn’t take long before we started masturbating one another and enjoyed that thrill.

I’m sure that my dad knew what we were doing, but he was perfectly all right with that, and didn’t see anything wrong with our having that type of innocent fun together.

When it was just my dad and myself, and lots of times I would get to see him naked, as well.

He thought nothing of being that way, especially in the mornings. I would often see him having an erection. I was always surprised to see this magnificent erection curving stiffly up.

He would just grin and had no problem in my seeing that.

He never tried to do anything sexual with me, and I suppose that he just thought that it was educational for his daughter to to see that in all of its male glory.

It was around that time that I started secretly fantasizing when I would masturbate about my father having sex with me.

I would imagine that he would come into my bedroom, and I would be naked and he would be too, and he would have a huge stiff erection.

He would tell me that he was going to show me what sex was all about. That he would proceed to push his big boner into my young wet little pussy and fuck me.

I would even fantasize that he would ejaculate and put his sperm into me, and get me pregnant. It was so exciting thinking of having a baby with my own father.

Of course that was just fantasizing. I never did have sex with my father.

And now he’s re-married. We are still close, and I do think very fondly of my being naked with him and getting to see him having an erection and of my fantasizing like I did.

Sadly, I doubt if I will ever get to know what it would be like making love to my father.

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