I was Stranded

by Anonymous

I made it to the airport with my bag and found out i was stranded my flight cancel and i was in a town where i didn't know anybody, i had been there on business and was wearing a form fitting dress and thigh highs for the way home so i stood there a moment trying to figure out what to do when a man about my age approached me I'm in my mid 20s and asked if i was ok and i smiled and said no and told him what happened and i couldn't get a flight out for a couple days and i didn't know anybody.

He smiled and asked me if i needed to have some lunch and he would be happy to take me so i agreed and we found a place there in the lounge and had lunch and we talked, he seemed like a nice guy and offered to help me and i asked how and he said i was welcome to stay over with him, i was a little reluctant but he was nice and he was handsome so i said ok and we went.

We got to his apartment and it was nice, after we went in he asked me to relax on the sofa and brought us over a drink and we sat there talking for a bit he said he had a nice job and i felt relaxed with him and later after we put our drinks down he smiled as he kissed me and i felt his caress on my thigh i didn't stop him as i felt his hand slowly slide under my dress and i felt him rub my clit slowly as we kissed soon he smiled as whispered in my ear if i wanted to go to his bedroom and i nodded yes and we did.

After we got there he took me back into his arms and we kissed as he unzipped my dress and i smiled as we came out of it he started un dressing as i took off my dress and panties and soon he was naked and turned to me ,as he walked over i seen his cock and he had a nice 9"i smiled and got on my knees and sucked him hard and laid back and spread while he got down and ate my pussy till i came and then he sucked my tits and smiled as he pushed hi dick into me it hurt but felt good as he filled me up and he started fucking me slowly at first then a little harder as i wrapped my legs around him and soon he cum deep inside of me it felt so hot inside of me and he pulled out and laid down, both of us laid there resting for a while.

He rolled up on his side looking at me and caressed over my stomach and pussy and he asked if i was a submissive and i said yes very and he asked if i did anal and again i said yes and he smiled as he had me suck his dick hard and then he got a tube of ky jelly out of the nite stand and he told me to go bottoms up for him and i did and soon he was lubing my ass and he got me adjusted as he got behind me and pushed his dick in and fucked my ass until he cum again and i laid there he smiled as i rolled over and looked up at him.

He said that i was going to become a sex slave for him to use as he pleased i laid there and said ok, i rested for a while as he made a couple of calls in the next room and he came back and laid next to me and we kissed.

He said that he had a couple of friends coming over that nite and i should shower i smiled and did and came back naked his friends arrived shortly after ,he greeted them in a robe and he lead me out to them naked and smiled and i started sucking there dicks and both cum in my mouth as i swallowed and then i was taken into a spare room where there was a bed and one of the guys laid back and had me slide down on his dick.

Then the other got behind me and started to push his dick into my ass i had never done that before and soon they were fucking me together and it was great and then they took turns cumming inside of me. I spent the rest of the weekend being used by all three of them and i loved it, i made it home on Monday with a smile on me.

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