"I was Known as the Innocent Girl"

by Callie Johnson (London)

I was known as the innocent girl in my friendship group at school. they would always make fun of me for having never had a boyfriend, never had kissed a guy and to have never had sex but what they didn't know what that I had been hooking up with my older brother during COVID-19 learning and experimenting. I was 19 and he was 21 and before COVID-19 I had never had an orgasm.

My mum and dad were stuck in quarantine for 2 weeks from a business trip to Europe and I lived with a few friends while studying at University and my brother is a mechanic who also lived with a few of his mates and we both through it was best to go back to the house we grew up in and ben in quarantine together since our friends were doing the same thing.

My brother what '6 foot, with light brown hair, green eyes, tanned skin he had a very toned body, but he was also lady's man and always had a girlfriend. I on the other hand was blonde, green eyes, "5'8 and not to brag or anything but I have a double D cup size, a round butt and a small waist. I got a lot of attention from boys but when I went out on dates and I told them I was a virgin they would always leave because they felt bad for me.

Anyway my brother and I were watching a movie on the couch together and a sex scene came on and the girls was slowly taking her top off and slowly and seductively pulled her short and G-string down over her smooth pussy and I could tell my brother was getting aroused because he grabbed a pillow and put it on his lap and he made sure I wouldn't notice, but I did. I was getting arouse myself also and I think he noticed when he saw my nipples pointing through my white shirt.

Once the movie was over I went to bed and thought about he girl in that movie and how I wanted to be like her but I had no experience in the area. I eventually went to sleep until I was woken up by the wind and rain hitting my window and I couldn't sleep so I went into my brothers' room where it was quieter and asked him if I could sleep in his bed just for the night, he said yes while moving to one side in his double bed.

I fell asleep again and it must have only been an hour or so until I felt my brother's boner touching my butt and it turned me on a bit but I just ignored it until I felt his hand slide around my waist and move up to my left boob and he started groping it and I could have stopped him but I enjoyed it.

I started to rub my butt against his boner and I could feel my pussy getting wetter so i grabbed his other hand and put it on my pussy and he slid his hands around the waist band of my little shorts and pulled them down and then he pulled my G-string down and I took my shirt of and I took his off as well.

He got on top of me and said "are you sure?" I nodded and he put himself inside me and I moaned a little bit.

I started off slowly because I was a virgin but then when he was close to reaching his climax he increased his speed which felt amazing. He was pumping his 6-inch dick in and out of me like it was this last time ever having sex and I was moaning so loudly that neighbors probably heard us. Once he reached his climax I did as well and it felt amazing.

For the next 2 weeks we had sex like 3 times a day until our mum and dad came home, and even then once they were home we thought we could stay away from each other but we couldn't so we fucked in the laundry every night which is the furthest away from our parent's room.

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